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3 Card Effects in Videocall by Aimar Garcia Attis (Instant Download)

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This pack includes this 3 effects can you do it for fun or in your online shows .

-The Good and Bad Intuition

One more principle of card magic applied at a distance.  The spectator shuffles his cards and the magician asks how is your intuition , the magician say to the spectator to pass cards from his hand to the table one by one and stop when he says, the magician says stop and asks to the spectator which card he senses it is, he says a card and fails  .
Now the magician says to try his intuition and leaves 1 card on the table, he ask for a # between 10 and 20 and the spectator put that cards on the table, then he says to added that numbers and put that cards on the table , at random he has selected a card and turnover that matches the magician's card.

-Though Card in their Hands

The spectator shuffles the cards and deals 5 cards to 3 players, selects a pack and remembers a card, mixes the pack again and loses it among the other 2 packs, now with those same cards he deals cards for 5 players and takes a pack at random one by one until he sees his thought card , now he deals 3 cards from the pack he selected and mixes them on the table and the magician knows which is his card.

-Virtual Assambly

The classic assembly of aces that happens in the package that the spectator selects. 
Four aces are put face down and 3 cards on top of each one, the spectator decides how to recompose the 4 packs with each ace, cuts and complete the packet and mixes the aces again by dealing 4 cards on the table, the spectator eliminate 3 piles and put his hand
in the only one left, take the remaining packages one by one and turnover ,the aces are not there, the spectator raises his hand and now the aces they are under the package of his hand.

- Easy to do.
- No estimate.
- No risk .
- Use few cards .
- Decisions are free .
- You don't count the cards many times.

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