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Harpacrown Too by Mark Chandaue (Hardcover Book)

This deluxe edition has 446 pages featuring 19 of Mark's favorite effects, 4 essays plus contributions from top mentalists. RESERVE YOURS SOON
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The original Harpacrown was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. It received universally positive reviews and has found its way into the collections of many top pros. With the original Harpacrown being synonymous with practical and workable material, it’s no surprise that this one is called Harpacrown too.

Whilst the first Harpacrown focused on the why; this volume switches the focus onto the how. How to script, how to adapt material and build new routines, how to build an act, and most importantly, how to make your Mentalism entertaining.

Both volumes combine to give you a solid grounding in both the why and the how. The effects are strong and practical and work in the real world and serve to illustrate the principles discussed in the essays.

This DELUXE COLLECTORS EDITION is a beautifully bound premium book lovingly created to look good on any shelf and last a lifetime. It contains 446 pages which includes 19 of Mark’s favorite effects, 4 essays, several utilities, and bonus chapters including contributions from:

* Mark Elsdon
* John Carey
* Marc Spelmann
* Peter Turner

The book is beautifully illustrated by Phill Smith and printed by Haresign Press and comes complete with the props for Ophiuchus.

Here’s what people are saying about HARPACROWN Too:

"I think you have contributed something very important to the magic world. It’s full of great advice from a real world perspective."
– Marc Paul

"The book is a remarkable teaching aid and tribute, and a lesson on mentalism thinking. His mental process ( which he explains) is mind blowing. He does it all and is honestly a thinker for our times. He understands the rhythm of the moment and exploits it with amazing results."
– Marc Salem

"Mark has provided solid routines that have clearly been worked. The structure of the routines are always sound, and the methods are always simple and deceptive. Mark clearly has an eye for adding twists and subtleties that enhance every piece of mentalism. This is a great look into his mind. His essays and philosophy on making your tricks/presentations original to you will inspire you to take a deep dive into your own performances. As for the material, this is one of the rare occasions where the material in this second book is just as strong (maybe even stronger) than the material in the first book."
– Madison Adams Hagler

"It's one of those rare books that I wish I didn't own, just so I could buy it again and experience reading it afresh."
– Jamie Badman

"This book hasn’t left my nightstand since I got it. I blew all other books out of the water. "
– David Kenney

"Honestly it is one of the best books on mentalism I have had the pleasure to read. It is well written and clear to understand. Aesthetically it is fantastic."
- Steve Black

"Rarely is a mentalism book a true pleasure to read. Harpacrown Too, however, definitely fits the bill. I was unsure how Harpacrown Too would measure up to Mark’s previous releases, Harpacrown and Free Will, which were each hits in their own right. Harpacrown Too took it to another level!"
- Michael Dear

"It really is hard to put the thing down."
- Gary Lawrence

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21st Century Mentalism Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 17th, 2021
No one writes magic books like Mark Chandaue. His presentation descriptions and methods are all clearly explained but what makes his writing stand out are the funny (and often educational) stories and humour that are present throughout all of his books. I originally took this as a bonus to learning great mentalism but have since come to realise that it’s also a constant reminder for me, that at the heart of our art, being entertaining is just as important as being fooling.

The effects themselves are all superb too and are real world workers that can be scaled up or down depending upon your situation and audience size. Although Mark encourages you to come up with your own presentations, the scripting provided is always top tier and is an inspiring way to show examples of how the routines can play out.

Two Harpacrowns and a Totally Free Will in, I can’t even imagine how much I’ve learned from Mark so far but even now I know he’ll come up with something new that will both floor me and make me smile. This is another incredible piece of work that deserves a space on every mentalist or magicians shelf.
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10 STARS Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 26th, 2021
It's pains me a little to write a review for this book. Never in my 40 plus years of magic have I read such important book of magic. Yes, I said magic. Harpacrown is a book on mentalism but to me it's the 'holy grail' on mentalism making it pure magic! I will never need another magic book period.
Why is it painful? Selfishly, this book is the gem that all gems wish they were. Happily I have been using the advise within its pages to stun friends and customers. So naturally, I don't want the information out. But, honestly, this information is so powerful that it has a life of its own. It's life wants to be in your head nibbling away your brain.
Enjoy this book...if you have to buy any book on mentalism buy something else...that way I can stay employed! just kidding.
Mark, this is a true masterpiece of literature! Congratulations!

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