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Drew Backenstoss: Reading (Minds) Between the Lines, Saturdays 1p, Aug 7 - Sep 25, 2021 (8 Week Class)

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Zoom Class Details:
Class Dates: 8/7, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25
Day: Saturdays
Time: 1p (PST) / 4p (EST)
Duration: 1 HOUR
Only 20 Seats Available


A Systematic Approach to Unlocking Your Creativity and Strengthening Your Mentalism

"Drew is a consummate pro in all respects - meticulous about every aspect of his show, careful to establish and nurture the who, the why, and the how in a way that doesn't simply deliver entertaining mentalism only, but allows you to experience true theater." - Atlas Brookings

"Drew is one of my favorite mentalism thinkers and creators. We share so much in common about our views of what performance mentalism should be that it's almost as if our minds are really linked! I love ALL of his ideas. Every single effect is a worker, he absolutely understands how to get the most entertainment and audience interaction out of every routine." - Marc Paul

"Drew has a wonderful economy in his creation style and is able to squeeze a lot of BANG out of very little effort from the performer. This is material designed for a working performer and so does not require mental gymnastics while under pressure." - Mark Chandaue


Answer honestly, do you believe that you're "creative?"

If you responded in the negative, why is that?

Do you envy the ingenuity of magic and mentalism "experts" but tell yourself that you'll never be as clever? Do you think that you don't possess the knowledge or experience to come up with original content? Do you find yourself presenting material exactly as it was taught to you because you lack the confidence to pursue your own ideas?

Magic ads often use the expression, "... only limited by your imagination." That's meant as a selling point but if you're like most people, you think that your imagination could fit comfortably inside the confines of a shoebox. That outlook means that you're constantly searching for the latest and greatest release - unconsciously hoping to make up for what you feel is a lack of personal creativity.

I felt the same way ten years ago.

Thankfully, I was too stubborn to allow myself to continue with those self-defeating perspectives, so I started seeking out ways to develop and expand my imagination. After years of research and experimentation, I've collected a toolbox of techniques that have opened my eyes to my personal creative potential. Since then, I've authored two acclaimed books on mentalism, assisted dozens of professionals on the development of their material, recorded the best-selling Penguin Live Lecture of 2019, and performed hundreds of shows across the United States for big-name corporate clients.

I'm excited to share with you all that I've discovered during that journey.

This is a MASTERCLASS on creative thinking - applied specifically to magic and mentalism. My highest aspiration is that you come to the same realization that I have... namely that creativity is NOT the exclusive domain of a few "naturally gifted" thinkers. Sure, nothing comes for free. You'll have to work for it and let go of limiting thought paradigms. But I promise, eventually you'll reach a point where creativity is as instinctive and automatic as breathing.

Each week we'll read and discuss chapters from the Dover classic (but frequently ignored) "Self-Working Mental Magic"; by Karl Fulves. Along the way, you'll learn...

  • My "BTL Active Reading System" - giving you the ability to squeeze the maximum amount of knowledge out of any magic instruction that you read or view.

  • The Psychology of Deception - equipping you with a myriad of strategies to make your mentalism more believable, convincing and impenetrable.

  • My "CLUSTER IT"; creativity framework - arming you with a simple, systematic approach for generating new methods, routines and presentations.

  • The Power of Visualization - providing you with an extremely effective means to refine new material BEFORE the first performance in front of a real audience.

  • Never-before-shared updates and enhancements to many of the routines taught in the book - allowing you to see how I've applied the various creative strategies to material that you may have overlooked or disregarded in the past.

But I don't believe in passive learning. The best way to acquire any new skill is to put it into practice. I want you to prove to yourself that YOU TRULY ARE CREATIVE. For that reason, the class will culminate in each student reworking one of the routines from the book - meaning that you'll walk away with a new performance piece (the first of many I hope!) that is tailor fit to YOU and your audiences.

If you dream of being able to develop unique and original material for your shows; if you want to learn critical thinking strategies that will help you avoid ever feeling "burned" by another magic purchase; and if you're ready to uncover the creative genius hiding dormant inside of you - then I can't wait to see you on the other side!


Week One:
Creativity demystified, my "BTL Active Reading System" and an overview of the two main creative techniques that I use every day - Visualization and my "CLUSTER IT" relativity framework.

Week Two:
Discussion chapters - Instant ESP and Mind Reading with Cards
CLUSTER IT Emphasis - Take It Apart and Invert It
Focus Material - "A Mind for Figures" and "Royal Mind Reading"

Week Three:
Discussion chapters - Mind Over Matter and Book Tests
CLUSTER IT Emphasis - Layer It and Take It Out
Focus Material - "Lightning Addition" and "Winged Thoughts"

Week Four:
Discussion chapters - Psychic Secrets and Slate Sorcery
CLUSTER IT Emphasis - Repurpose It and Update It
Focus Material - "The Invisible Die" and "Seven Keys"

Week Five:
Discussion chapters - Miracles with Cards and Confederates
CLUSTER IT Emphasis - Customize It and Emulate It
Focus Material - "Ultimate Match," "Finger, Finger" and "Names in the News"

Week Six:
Discussion chapter - Psychometry
CLUSTER IT Emphasis - Scale It
Focus Material - "Super Psychometry"

Week Seven:
Project Presentations & Feedback

Week Eight:
Project Presentations & Feedback (continued)
Closing Thoughts & Encouragement

Supplies needed for class:

6 Pack of Highlighters (all different colors)
1 Pack of Index Cards (blank faced playing cards would be a great alternative)
1 pack of Post-it Flags of Assorted Colors (ideally, the colors match the set of highlighters)
1 Pen
1 Sharpie
Karl Fulves' "Self-Working Mental Magic"

Class Policies

It is mandatory that all students have a working video camera and leave it on for the duration of each class.

These sessions are not to be recorded. Please do not use Zoom’s recording feature, or third-party recording software to store these classes for later viewing.

Registration can be cancelled or changed until 5 days prior to the class start date. If you are purchasing classes as a gift, it is your responsibility to inform us of the recipient’s name during checkout or by emailing Late cancellations, transfers, name changes cannot be accommodated after the cancellation/change cutoff date.

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Drew shares the real secrets! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 27th, 2021
If you’ve read any of his books, you know that Drew is an exceptionally talented creator and thinker. In this eight week class Drew pulled back the curtain on his creative process to show us the tools he uses to devise some of his very clever creations. Then he showed us real world examples of how he utilized his process to take old ideas you would likely dismiss and turn them into modernized show pieces that you’d be thrilled to include in your repertoire.

For someone willing to take the tools and put them to use, the value of what Drew shared was worth many times the asking price. He has a strong track record of overdelivering in a big way, so I’ll just say that if you find yourself with an opportunity to learn from him in the future, don’t miss out!
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Great Process for Stimulating your Creativity Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 4th, 2021
This guy is "Brilliant". Drew has a very organized and practical system to get your creative juices flowing. During the 8 weeks he followed a systematic approach that allowed us to experiance how he stimulates his own creativity by giving us examples of routines he has developed from using his process "Mind Blowing Routines" I must say. We were given weekly assignments and then were asked to share our thoughts on what we had discovered with our own creativity using the methods taught to us (Very interactive ). It's my hope that Drew continues to share his creativity and knowledge with the magic and mentalism community. From what I have seen so far from Drew appears to be the tip of the iceberg.
In a word "excellent".
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Drew Backentoss : Reading ( Minds ) Between The Lines Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 2nd, 2021
Very well organised approached to arrive on most creative result. Drew is a very organised person & his style is very unique . I liked the class very much. It made me think in a very diffenent way . Enhanced my creative thinking. Highly recommended
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