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Face to Face to Face: 3 Crazy Tricks with a Double Facer by Jeremy Luton (PDF E-book)

3 incredible tricks that will show you why the double facer is one of the most powerful weapons in card magic!
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Now, we're hooking you up with a free Bicycle brand DOUBLER FACED card in every order you place. AND we're including a free PDF E-book, "FACE TO FACE TO FACE", 3 IMPOSSIBLY CRAZY card tricks you can do with just a single double facer!


A card is selected and placed in a group of three other random cards. The selection is turned face down and with a snap of the fingers is seen to have changed into a random card. The magician draws attention to the card box that has been sitting on the table from the outset. Sealed inside the selection is found.

Aces Wild

The performer asks if his audience have heard the expression ‘aces wild’ before? The performer offers to explain what that means.

He spreads through the face up deck and removes the ace of spades which he deals face up to the table.

The performer has a spectator select a card. The selection is used to scoop the ace of spades from the table and flip it face down. The performer waves the selection above the ace of spades and it is found to have changed to match the selected card. Proof that aces are really wild.

Card Through Napkin

A napkin is placed onto the table. The performer has one card selected, which he deals face up on the napkin. The performer displays the deck, which has the king of hearts on the face. He places this deck face down on top of the face up selection on top of the napkin.

The performer has a spectator press down on the deck. When the deck is picked up the ace up selection is seen to have vanished leaving the king of hearts on the face of the deck. When the napkin is lifted the selection is seen to have penetrated the napkin resting beneath it.

Manufacturer Says

Written by Jeremy Luton. Edited by Alvo Stockman.

What You Get

The link to download your PDF E-book is located in your Private Penguin's Only Discussion section for Triple Double.

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