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Ghost Ink COMPLETE by Andrew Mayne (DVD + Supplies)

VISUALLY make a tattoo revelation appear ON YOUR SKIN.
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Presenting an incredible way to perform visual magic with writing and tattoos that appear and vanish on your skin.

Start and end totally clean. Begin with everything you need in your wallet or deck of cards.

  • Gypsy Curse - A tattoo of a chosen card appears before your audience's eyes.
  • Secret Seal - Make a copy of a seal from a borrowed bill on your palm.
  • Revelation - A totally freely selected word appears on your arm.
  • Infection - A contagious card gives you spots.
  • Tattoo of Fire - Burn a tattoo into your skin.
  • Ace - A flashy tattoo appearance.
  • Barcode - A product barcode jumps to your skin.
  • Heart Effect - Move a tattoo on your arm to a card.
  • Human Silly Putty - Transfer an image to your skin.
  • iTattoo - The icons on an iPhone vanish and reappear on your body.
  • Syntax - A thought of word appears on your arm.
  • Self Promotion - Make a copy of your business card on your skin.

Running Time Approximately 50min

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Ghost Ink Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
THE EFFECTS 4/4 Each of these effects has something creepy, Mysterious, And magical about it. He does things with lighters, cards, dollar bills, coke cans, iphones, notpads, pens, tattoos etc. There are at least 4 versions on this DVD that I will use. If you are going to school, doing walkaround, or just entertaining some friends, This is the perfect icebreaker. Imagine asking a girl out or making some valentines poem or something appear on your arm. The possibilities are ENDLESS. You can also make borrowed objects melt onto your skin such as candy wrappers, sugar packets, water bottle labels and he even tells you how to make your client's business card appear on your skin! wut the eff!

THE GIMMICKS 3/4 I would give these a 4/4 if they lasted forever. They take about 2 minutes to make the entire set of gimmicks and be on your way to doing amazing effects. It will cost you about 2-4 dollars depending on what you already have. Magician's will most likely have most of the stuff lying around or at least a yard away from you right now. But it does use something a bit out of the ordinary so that might cost you a trip to walmart and 2 bucks. But these could last you 5 performances a night for a week depending on the version you do or how you store them.

THE DVD 4/4This DVD is definately a keeper (not like I will ever get rid of it ) Running at nearly an hour in length, Andrew takes you slowly step by step at how to do each one of these effects to your FULL ADVANTAGE. Nothing is left out and you will never be left with half ideas. You get nothing more or less than a 55 minute DVD. Nothing else to buy or replace. I really liked the menus and graphics of this DVD (of course, he spends all his time for me to like the cover art ) PLUS!!! Andrew included a PDF file on the DVD so you don't have to go through the trouble of making each individual gimmick and you can just use what is on the PDF to guide you.

PERFORMANCES AND INSTRUCTION 4/4 I was on the borderline of giving this a 3/4 but it wouldnt be very fair. Andrew first performs every effect briefly like it should be done with all the misdirection and on-camera movements so you get the full impact of each effect and you can really look for the secret movements so nothing is left out. Then each explanation is about 10 minutes long. Like I said above, Andrew is a fantastic teacher, An enthusiastic performer, and a creepy showman which makes most of what he does unique and creative.

OVERALL 4/4This DVD deserves a good review. You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this whole production. But you can't just stop at what is on the DVD. You can use other props in conjunction to the ghost ink gimmicks. Cards, Coins, Newspaper, Pens etc. With a little bit of creative thinking and performance skill, You can make your audience jump through the roof. Thanks Andrew!
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Waste of Ink Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 17th, 2011
Easily one of the most God awful tricks I’ve ever purchased (and I’ve purchased plenty over the past 30+ years of doing magic). However, I’ll have give due credit to Andrew Mayne and his camera man for the terrific and perfect lighting he used while filming the demo. Without said lighting, this trick is a total joke. You might possibly get by with this in a very dark room with one candle burning in the corner, and or doing it at some substantial distance, and I do mean distance! Other than that, the only alternative would be to hand out glasses smeared with Vaseline to the spectator(s). This is so OBVIOUS it’s beyond pitiful. You might just as well slap a Post it Note on your forehead and try to convince everyone that it is a tattoo. That is how terrible this is and I’ll bet my last dollar that Mayne never performed this in the real world.

As for the routines included they are also beyond the realm of stupidity, i.e. placing the BACK of the 10 of Clubs against your forearm, and then transferring/ revealing the FACE of the 10 of Clubs as a tattoo on your arm. Placing the BACK of an iPhone against your forearm, and then transferring/revealing the FACE of the iPhone on your arm, etc. Excuse me!!! However, no need to worry as you can make your own “tattoos”, but then again, in the end it really makes no difference as the so called “tattoo” will stick out like the aforementioned Post it Note. Bottom line….I’d rather try palming a watermelon than trying to get away with this. I had this for one day before I used the DVD for a Frisbee as that’s the ONLY thing that works great with this DVD.
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Terrible Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 23rd, 2013
Trust me when I say that this trick dose not work it looks decent in the video because of the lighting which becomes very apparent while watching the video and looking at the so called gimmick dont waste your money this is the worst trick I have ever bought
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Very clever Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 11th, 2011
I gave this a 5 star rating even though the disc I got does some weird things and at times doesn't play well.

The explanations are extremely well done, and the tricks are very well thought out.

The preparation is well explained and the tricks are very easy to follow. Very visual, and look like stunners.

The materials to create new gimmicks are readily available and a PDF file is supplied to create many new gimmicks.

Once you understand how it is done, there are many effects which can be done, and the idea has great utility.

My one possible complaint is the disc seems to not play properly in my DVD player, but plays fine in my computer.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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