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P.R.R. 2.0 (Instant Download)

Have your spectator as a mindreader as you never had it before
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My friend Titanas was the first person to whom I ever shown this effect, it was back in the year 2007 when I sent him a DVD copy of my Salvadoran Street Magic Show: "Nefesch Street Magic".

After he had seen it he told me: "I liked it, there is only one thing that I did not understand at all from your show (since the DVD was in Spanish and had no subtitles), I couldn't understand what you were doing with the girl to whom you were holding her hand and moving it back and forward."

- Oh, that is my P.R.R. effect - I told him
- Can you explain to me what it is about?
- Well basically is a "think of any card" effect, in which you reveal the card that your spectator is thinking of, without the use of anything else, no forces, do decks, no nothing.

After I explained to my friend in detail the whole method for this effect, he seemed to be very impressed about it, and he encouraged me to share this effect with the performers community, soon I was flying to Greece to film my 3 DVD set in which I included the original P.R.R. effect.

Since then I have deeper exploblack the method for this effect and I have found out some other applications for it.

Today I will share with you one of the new applications I have found for the P.R.R. Method and since I know that some of you might not be familiar at all with this method, I will also include the original P.R.R. effect.

P.R.R. is a weapon you will have with you ready to use any time, anywhere.

I expect you to study it detailed so you can truly appreciate all the psychology within it.

Here is a description of the two P.R.R. applications you will find within this book:

PRR 1.0

The performer asks a spectator to think of any card, no psychological forces are used, no deck is used, is a totally free selection, the spectator never writes anything down. Once the spectator has made his mind with a card, the performer takes the spectator's hand and makes him see the card he thought of drown on his palm; after that the performer reveals the card the spectator was thinking of.

This is a 100% impromptu effect.

PRR 2.0

The spectator selects a card from the deck; neither him, nor the performer take a look at the card that has been selected, so the identity of the card remains unknown to everybody, the card is kept in the spectator's pocket, NO SWITCHES TAKE PLACE AT ANY TIME.

The performer takes the spectator's hand and asks him if he can see something in the lines of his palm, the spectator says that he can see a card value on his palm; the performer asks the spectator to say out loud what is card he sees.

After the spectator has named the card he has seen, the performer asks to the spectator to see the lines of his palm again to find out if he can see something else, the spectator says that now he can see a different card value, the spectator names out loud the new card he is seeing.

The performer asks to the spectator if he has seen this by his own on the lines of his palm, the spectator confirms that that is the way it was.

The performer asks to the spectator to name out loud any of the two cards he saw, the performer says in advance that whatever card be named by the spectator will be exactly the card was previously selected, the spectator says out loud ANY of the two cards he saw, the one he liked the most, now the spectator retrieves by himself the card that's been inside of his own pocket all this time.

The card he finds out in his pocket is the one he just named out loud. 100% impromptu

Note: If you don't like psychological effects, or dual reality type of effects, then this is not for you.

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