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The Real Thing by Atlas Brookings (Instant Download)

Finally - No Peeking, No Confederates, No Dirty Work - Just Real Psychological Mentalism!
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In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

When this routine was first released in the Pyscrets publication 'Liber Mentis', it created a lot of buzz. It offered a means of performing both a lie detector type routine as well as an incredibly clean and direct mind read, devoid of any standard form of method. At the time, the text was only available through the Psycrets publication, but, after the widespread approval it received, the text has been reworked and dramatically extended, offering 22 more pages of additional material. This new material not only contains another means of performing a clean, impromptu, and apparently impossible mindread, but it contains instructions for a book test that is unlike anything you have ever seen before!

Imagine being able to have someone choose a word from a book, close the book and set it aside, and then change their word to any other word they can think of (and I'm not talking about a different word from the book, but any other word they can think of) - only to have the performer subsequently reveal their new word with NO fishing!

For the first time, this extended version of 'The Real Thing' teaches you how to do this and much more!

Released more widely for the first time, this text contains an astonishing array of impromptu routines! Any time you are asked to perform a feat of mind reading, all you need is a pen and something to write on.

For example:

On five (or more) different pieces of paper (business cards work well) you write a unique sentence, folding each card as you finish.

The participant takes all five pieces of paper, and while you turn around (or leave the room), opens one and reads it.

Once this is done, the Mentalist has a short chat with the spectator, and then tells them the sentence they were thinking of. The papers stay in the participant's possession the entire time.

No peeking, no confederates, no dirty work - Just REAL psychological Mentalism.

What do other Mentalists think?

"At last a routine where you really are doing what you claim! This is a fantastic concept that Atlas has expanded greatly. It has the feeling of real mentalism because it IS real mentalism."
- Marc Paul, Entertainer and author of "The Fleetwood Notes"

"Page seven of your manuscript is worth whatever you end up charging for it."
- Dave Arch, Author of 'Mind Game'

"I really enjoyed 'The Real Thing'...The core of the effect uses pure psychology which is just the ticket. The way in which this has been used to create a nice little lie-detector routine is very clever indeed."
- Derek Heron, Corporate Entertainer

"Rather than a physical peek, your method is kinda like a mental peek!"
- Seamus Maguire

"I must say I really enjoyed reading 'The Real Thing'. If nothing else, it has gotten me thinking and that's when I know I'm taken by an idea."
- Nique Tan

"Thank you for making my copy of 'Naked Mentalism' relevant again!"
- Aaron Alexander, Author of The Pygmalion Effects

"Atlas has open up a world of possibilities here. Using this knowledge you can play mind detective and catch your criminal every time. Very sneaky stuff. Excellent."
- Greg Arce, Author of Deep Thought, Four Thought, and Lost in Thought

"When I first released Naked Mentalism back in 2007, I hoped that others would run with it and create simple, subtle, yet powerful effects that really do feel real. With 'The Real Thing', Atlas has certainly done that. It's a tour de force; intelligent, clean and yet very reliable. Lovely work."
- Jon Thompson, Author of the 'Naked Mentalism' Series

And all of the above feedback was given BEFORE the additions to the text!

Here is a review of "The Real Thing" featured in April's Vanish Magazine:

"Is it really possible to read minds? After reading this e-book I believe I can, at least that’s how I felt. Inspired by Jon Thomspons’ Naked Mentalism, Atlas has taken the method to another level. I have been doing this and it really works, so it’s not some pipe dream. It is very easy to understand and this book is well written so you don’t have to be afraid of psychological thinking. I couldn’t wait to try it out on friends after reading and it blew them away. The great thing is once you have learnt this you’ll have some incredibly powerful impromptu mentalism that will fool people badly.

The method can also be applied to a book test. There is a gimmick book involved which is described how to make, or you can order one online from the author. I would probably just order one because it’s not expensive and save yourself a lot of time and trouble. I would say it’s easily one of the strongest book tests I’ve seen in some time.

For close-up performances there is a great routine with business cards using the method. You can perform this on one person or several. There are a lot of variations explained in this e-book. It’s the method that really impressed me because I hadn’t come across it before, and my mind was alive with ideas on how to apply to other effects.

This is some of the best psychological thinking I’ve read, because it’s not hard to understand and even easier to put in to practice. If you could really read minds this might be the way to do it."
- Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

The book is 41 pages long and offers a means of entering the human mind unlike anything you've ever seen before! It gives you the chance to perform the REAL thing!


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Buy it for the book test Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 16th, 2013
OMG...the book test is incredibly clever. I love this just for the book test. You can have them think of a word, not from the book, literally the first word that comes to mind, and you will know it. This is real. This is strong. This will blow their minds. For close up, this is insane. Nothing written down. One word out of thousands. Its truly baffling. This is golden for my street magic. I really enjoyed this so much, the book test that is. I'm sure you will love the book test, AS I DO, but keep in mind you will have to buy something else for 15 bucks and something else for 30 bucks for the book test. But worth the investment.
To be honest, I didn't like the lie detector test or the 5 sentences written down and you tell them which one they are thinking of. But I instantly fell in love with the book test. This takes a regular book test to the next level. The book test is what you see in the video. Isn't that awesome. I love it!!!
5 of 8 magicians found this helpful.
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Vastly Overrated! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 28th, 2014
The real thing is done with lists of words?

I admit the thought association of words is good, but this is just overrated and for the price is definitely not worth it, better save for something else.
4 of 6 magicians found this helpful.
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Pure gold Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 2nd, 2016
All I can say is that any serious mentalist, (unlike the halfwit that couldn't wrap his head around "word lists" ) is doing themselves a disservice by not snatching up EVERYTHING Atlas releases.
Just my opinion, but I'm far from new to the field, and having used approximately 75% of his published material in performances myself...I can speak to how incredibly strong it plays.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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Not for everyone, but very recommended Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 12th, 2017
The Real Thing expands on an area of psychological mentalism in a simple and direct way, I would recommend this to those interested in performing and studying psychological effects.

The effects within require no gimmicks or sleight of hand, and though they do require "props" of some kind, everything is exactly as it seems to the audience as the real magic happens completely verbally and psychologically.

The true value of The Real Thing lies in the thinking behind it. The effects are very strong as-is, but everything can be repurposed for your own ideas and effects.(Especially if you're familiar with Jon Thompson)

Atlas does suggest the purchase of additional material to fully make use of the book test within.(The one performed in the promotional video) You can definitely apply principles of The Real Thing book test to any book test you already perform, but the additional purchases allow them to be used to a greater effect and allows for a second reveal.

There are some great ideas in The Real Thing, I will definitely be reading it multiples times and performing the effects within.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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