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Malone Meets Marlo #2 by Bill Malone

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Welcome to the wonderful card magic of Ed Marlo!

Ed Marlo, the genius of construction, and the incomparable Bill Malone, the brilliant performer, come together in this landmark anthology, as Bill performs and explains some of Marlo's finest contributions to card magic, compiled by Bill from Ed's writings and their personal sessions!

Join Bill as he guides you step by step through what will undoubtedly become the greatest and best collection of Marlo material...ever. "I'm very excited about this project and I'm sure Ed would have been as well!"
- Muriel Marlo


Spectator Cuts and Counts Down to the Aces - Watch this one close! You will use this!

One-Hand Control - Aces are lost and found using only one hand! Bill's handling of this hidden gem from The Cardician.

One Shuffle Eddie - Eddie at his best! Four Aces instantly reverse themselves throughout the deck with one shuffle!

Super-Clean Ace Assembly - A very convincing Ace assembly.

Casino Countdown - An apparent mistake turns into a hard-to-believe success!

A Twick as Lovely as a Twee - An idea you probably didn't know was Marlo's! Don Alan liked it so much, he put it in his act!

Interlaced Vanish - Three selected cards instantly vanish while trapped between the Kings! Marlo's handling of this great plot by Paul Harris.

Open Prediction - Bill's favorite of the Marlo methods.

Elevator Passengers / Penetration - Cards travel up and down through the deck like passengers on an elevator!

Touch Turn Poker - Four Aces magically reverse themselves one at a time then suddenly transform into a Royal Flush!

Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part One - Idea 1

Marlo on the Memorized Deck, Part Two - Idea 2

The Vanishing Card - A selected card instantly vanishes from the deck and ends up under the spectator-she is sitting on it!

Miracle Ace Cutting - This one is impressive card control! An absolute brilliant classic from Mr. Marlo.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Spectator Cuts and Counts Down to The Aces (4 out of 5):
In the explanation, you learn two excellent false shuffles which is always a bonus. On the downside, this requires a full deck stack. However, I think it just might be worth it. The impact is pretty darn solid. This is one of the effects that fooled me twice as mentioned above.

One Handed Control (4/5)
This is a beautiful thing to watch. It's surely a magician fooler, and the best part is that it uses a technique that isn't seen much these days. Yet another one that nailed me twice. The effect is a one-handed ace cutting sequence that looks absolutely impossible, especially when you consider that the spectators get to put one of the aces in the deck and cut it. It's an excellent display and, as I mentioned, beautiful to watch.

One Shuffle Eddie (3/5)
This is one that he did not perform for an audience. It was only shown in the explanation section . . . for good reason, I think. It was a little fishy looking. However it is a decent effect, and with a fair bit of practice, I think the fishy-ness can be overcome. You learn two versions. The effect is that you clearly shuffle face up into face down (think Triumph); then suddenly all the cards are face down except the four aces. It's not the greatest effect on the planet, but it does look pretty impossible even with the fishy shuffle.

Super Clean Ace Assembly (3/5)
As the name implies, it's a super clean ace assembly. However, even though it's clean, it's a little quick and a little unpractical in the sense that you have to be seated if you know what I mean Slydini. You do learn a nice add-on move, but as far as the effect goes, I'm not sure the extra work is worth the extra cleanliness of effect you get.

Casino Countdown (2/5)
In my less-than-humble opinion, this is not that great of an effect. It requires a set up and is too much work for the effect. In fairness, the set up can easily be done in front of the spectators. However, I still think the effect isn't worth the work.

A Twick as Lovely as a Twee (3/5)
I'll be you didn't know that Marlo invented the "Tree of Hearts." I had no idea. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know. Anyway, this is (I believe) Don Alan's effect using this little invention of Marlo's. It's a cutesy little effect with a fun little surprise, and you end clean.

Interlaced Vanish (3/5)
This is a clever utility vanish with many possible uses. The effect is a little Movey and a little without meaning, but the move may be worth learning for other applications.

Open Prediction (4/5)
This is a very clean effect. You tell the spectator what card she's going to pick. Then she picks it. The downside - you end slightly dirty, and during the performance, he flashed. No I don't mean he showed us his boobs (that's in volume 3). I mean you get an inadvertent peak at the method.

Elevator Passengers/Penetration (4/5)
I love the elevator plot. This one is fun and visual and has gone right into my casual repertoire. You start clean, end clean and don't need any set ups. There was one little thing that was sort of funny that seemed like it shouldn't happen. He used a classic Marlo move (The Sunrise Production) and didn't credit it as a Marlo move. I got the impression (maybe mistakenly) that he wasn't sure whose move it was. It's a minor point, but on a video studying Marlo, I thought it could've been avoided. You also, during the explanation, get a bonus explanation of another elevator effect. The bonus version is not as good as the "non-bonus" version. Either way, this one's a keeper.

Touch Turn Poker (4/5)
Was this the first NFW? The effect is similar but a bit more logical than NFW. Malone's performance was a bit too fast-paced and not very presentationally rich. This effect, by its nature, has a lot of presentational potential. It's a bit more technically demanding, but I think it's worth the effort.

Marlo On The Memorized Deck Idea #1 (4/5)
This is basically a Card Calling effect. If you don't already do memorized deck stuff, this effect might be worth diving into learning a stack. Malone highly recommends the Aronson stack. However, other stacks will work as well. The nice thing about this effect, unlike Idea #2 below, is that even though the spectators shuffle the cards, it is instantly reset right under their noses.

Marlo On The Memorized Deck Idea #2 (4/5)
Although the stack is ruined at the end of this effect, it might be a better effect. It's a very clean four-people-think-of-a-card-and-you-know-what-it-is-without-asking-questions routine. Plus there's a fun kicker at the end that adds a magical and somewhat visual element to the effect. Between Boris Wild and the Marlo ideas I'm beginning to convince myself that I need to learn a stack. Personally, I think I'll learn Boris Wild's, however, from what I've heard, the Aronson stack is killer as well.

The Vanishing Card Trick (5/5)
Dang it! He fooled me again! This is another one that fooled me twice. It's the complete vanish of a card from the deck and a reappearance in an impossible location (Malone's addition). I love the vanish even though in the kind of work I do, I would likely not be able to use it. It's a super clever vanish that Malone executes flawlessly.

Miracle Ace Cutting (5/5)
This effect has been in my casual repertoire for quite some time, and it is amazing. You've got to be able to do a faro (not a perfect one) to do this, but it's a simple faro of only a few cards. Other than that, the effect is super simple, and you'll fool yourself when you do it. You actually do what you claim. You really do cut to the Aces with no breaks and no crimps etc. It can be done with a borrowed, un-tampered-with deck.
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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 23rd, 2018
card magic you can use. but not for standing
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