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Malone Meets Marlo #3 by Bill Malone

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Welcome to the wonderful card magic of Ed Marlo!

Ed Marlo, the genius of construction, and the incomparable Bill Malone, the brilliant performer, come together in this landmark anthology, as Bill performs and explains some of Marlo's finest contributions to card magic, compiled by Bill from Ed's writings and their personal sessions!

Join Bill as he guides you step by step through what will undoubtedly become the greatest and best collection of Marlo material...ever. "I'm very excited about this project and I'm sure Ed would have been as well!"
- Muriel Marlo


Finding My Assistants - Spectator finds the four Queens just by cutting the deck.

Spectator Cuts the Aces II and More - The spectator finds the four Aces! A few of Marlo's many versions are explained.

Push-Thru Failure (with Skinner phase) - Another Marlo effect rarely seen these days!

Think-Touch-Turn - A card reverses itself several times and surprisingly changes to the selection! Bill's great presentation for this classic!

Instant Mental Sandwich - A mentally-selected card appears sandwiched between two cards that were placed on the table before the trick even begins! Featuring Marlo's Visual Retention Switch.

The Deal Switch - Same as the above with an entirely new method! Marlo loved this and performed it many times!

Gambler Outdone - A quick version that tells a story about who's better with a deck of cards, a gambler or a magician!

A Sixy Trick - An entertaining card trick with a flurry of magic effects!

A Comedy Classic! - Everybody picked the same card-or so they think! A routine you will love to perform!

Eveready Black Routine - An impossible control for those late-night sessions with the boys!

Open Air Assembly - A version of Open Travelers using just the four Aces and nothing more!

Eight-Card Oil and Water - Black and red cards magically separate every time until the magician causes them to magically mix! Bill's routine using Marlo ideas from throughout the literature.

Refined Oil and Water - A Dave Solomon routine originally published in the book, Sessions.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Finding My Assistants (4/5)
This is "spiced up" spectator cuts to the aces. It's super easy to perform, and the set up is simple. This is one of the ones that fooled me twice. Probably the best part about this particular method is the the work on the cut deeper F****. This is the part that fooled me. This idea alone is worth studying this effect, even if you don't do the ace-cutting routine. Additionally, the routine is one of the few where Malone gives you more than "just a basic presentation." You get a little bit more of a fun presentation with him and the audience. It's clear that this one has been in his repertoire for quite a while.

Spectator Cuts The Aces II and More (3/5)
Yet another spectator cuts to the aces routine. This one has a couple of nice key Kodak moments, if you will. The handling is very clean and very clever. You also get two more bonus methods. Although the bonus methods are not as groovy as the primary method, they're still clever. The third bonus idea is probably a magician fooler, but requires a certain performing environment (think "Slydini").

Push-Thru Failure (with Skinners Phase) (3.5/5)
I like this one a lot, but the middle phase is a little fidgety and doesn't flow well. However the 1st and last phase are nice. The last one in particular is a great finale and fooled me again.

Think-Touch-Turn (4/5)
This is a fun banter-y piece with a selection and the aces. It's pretty to watch, and it's pretty smooth.

Instant Mental Sandwich (4/5)
The impact of this is stunning. It's not the easiest move to master, but if you do, you'll have a miracle. In Malone's hands it's beautiful. There is one minor thing that bothered me in the explanation. I can't really say much without revealing the method, but let me just say that the set up for this effect puts you in position for a miracle outcome that Malone doesn't mention. In fact, if you do exactly what he says during the set up, you will screw up the effect 1 out of 52 times.

The Deal Switch (4/5)
This is basically the same effect as the one above (a mentally thought of card appears between two face-up queens that have been sitting in front of the spectator the whole time). This one is a bit more angle-y, but the effect looks so much cleaner and so much more impossible.

The Gambler Outdone (4/5)
This one's a bit technically demanding and uses a minor set up. However, it just may be worth it. It's beautiful to watch, and Malone completely fooled me with a move that we ALL do ALL the Time. I can't believe I fell for it. It just goes to show you that presentation is everything. His presentation and patter allowed this move to slide right by me. If you're a fan of the Gambler vs. Magician plot, then you'll want to check this one out.

A Sixy Trick (4/5)
I really like this one. It has some great lines and very funny presentation potential. It's a bit technically demanding, but worth it.

Ed Marlo's Comedy Classic (5/5)
This one made me laugh out loud multiple times. It's very similar in effect to Sixy Trick, but much easier and a lot funnier. This is another one that I'll be experimenting with in my casual repertoire.

Everready Black Routine (4/5)
Alright. I confess, I was totally fooled again by this one. This is an effect made more for magicians, and the presentation is pretty bland, but seems impossible. You have to be able to do a perfect faro, but will totally fry magicians. I still haven't quite mastered the faro. If I could do the faro, I'd be doing this one next week to my magic buddies. However, if you're not a fan of the faro, I don't know that this effect justifies the time to learn the faro. Also, you can still do 2 of the 3 phases without the faro.

Open Air Assembly (4/5)
This is a pretty clean open travelers-style routine. It does not use any extra cards, but is a little angle-y. Also, if you're familiar with Open Travelers by Jennings or Harris's work on the plot, you've seen the invisible palm "lay down" move. Malone does this move better than anyone I've ever seen. It' really looks like his just places his hand on the card, and when he lifts up, there's another one. One thing I don't like, however, about this version is that the magic moments seem to decrease in impact as the routine progresses. Also, I felt Malone rushed through the performance and squashed many of the magic moments.

Eight-Card Oil and Water (3/5)
Crap! Another one that fooled me twice. The third phase completely nailed me; it's one of the coolest and visual moments of magic I've seen in a long time. Those who know me, know that I'm not a fan of the oil and water plot, and this isn't even best version out there, but there are some clean moments/highlights in this routine that you don't see in others. The third phase, in particular, is just beautiful and looks like real magic. I thing this move alone is worth learning for the many other possible uses it could have. Also, this version only uses 8 cards, the four red and four black. There are no hidden or extra cards.

Refined Oil and Water (4/5)
This one is a little prettier but not as "pure" since you use an extra card. However, there are some great visuals that you can't get when using no extras. All-in-all, this version is a bit easier and a bit more visual.
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malone meets marlo # 3 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 17th, 2018
what can i say?read the two names in the title.malone marlo.buy it!
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