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Haunted Deceptions by Dee Christopher (Instant Download)

The Ultimate Halloween Download Bundle
Price: $30.00
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

If you're reading this, you're either about to write your Halloween show, or you just like spooky stuff all year around!

I LOVE spooky stuff, so I always put together a great value package for Halloween, but this year, I've put together an outstanding package - By far my best yet!

In this package of ebooks, you will learn haunting and chilling demonstrations of magickal and psychic power, how to make some amazingly versatile gimmicks, there's plenty of tricks and also lots of thoughts on making your performances more impactful so that you can get the best reactions possible!

Here's EXACTLY what you get:

1. October: Haunted Deceptions

October is a collection of unique effects, props and thoughts on the correct material for this season!

Full Contents:

- Introduction

Arts & Crafts
- Broken Wings (Notepad gimmick)
- The Subtle Switch Book
- Legion (Card gimmick)

Intensifying Performances
- The Magician Who Doth Not Understand
- The Mentalist Who Crosses Wires
- The Bizarrist Without A Climax
- The Professor Of Procedures
- Urban Shamanism
- One Miracle A Night (Jon Randall)
- Thoughts On Ageing Props

Effects & Presentations
- Burnt Oak: Proof of life after death.
- Scar: Heal yourself like Wolverine.
- Silence: Harnessing the power of silence.
- The Devil's Key: A compelling presentation for the haunted key and a method to turn the key in the spectator's hand.
- Tarot Hallucination: Your impressions are based on the card they thought they saw, when in reality, they just invented it themselves.
- The Stone Woman: A tale of astral projection, invincibility and power, culminating in a physical manifestation of photos stealing part of one's soul.
- Kill Scene: A direct and lightly humorous 'confabulation' style routine to lighten the mood, while remaining in theme.
- The Touch: A two person coding system that will work in the dark, blindfolded, in loud environments or in complete silence.
- Teeth: A camp-fire style story of the tooth fairy, told with a chop cup, some coins, a weathered note and a lock of hair... And some teeth, if you want to go hardcore.

Building The Act
-Some final thoughts

2. LD: Living & Dead Acts

LD is my collection of techniques and ideas for the classic Living & Dead plot. Determine which card/billet on which the dead person's name is written, among a bunch of living names.

For the last 2 years, Dee Christopher has been developing, testing and collecting unique methods to perform the classic Living & Dead act.

In this eBook download, you will receive several methods to determine which card contains the dead name, alongside some printable files, professionally designed to work with some of the methods described.

Dee has also given his advice for performing these kinds of powerful, but dangerous acts and included his ideas on performing acts of this nature.

From the closing of the book:

"In the last 6,500 (rounding down for effect) words; I’ve revealed to you four of the best methods that I’ve discovered for creating the classic ‘Living & Dead’ act. As well as those four methods, I’ve also offered my framing and basic scripting for the routine, the right way to prime your audiences for such a routine, how to ensure that nobody gets upset during your demonstration, how you can get amazing reactions without peeking any information and a vast array of subtleties and extra ideas are laced throughout."

This is essential reading for anyone interested in performing this classic and powerful act in their magic, bizarre or mentalism show.

LD Download Contains:

1x PDF book (7,000 words, 21 pages)

8x Printable files in two sizes (UK and US business card sizes provided)

3. How To Get Away With Murder

This is a download of my first full length book, exposing my methods to recreate the stunts and tricks presented by some of the world's leading psychics.

‎"A captivating study on deceptive theories scarcely analysed. A compelling read for those in the allied arts and the curious alike." Daniel Madison (Deceptions Expert)

Dee Christopher exposes the his methodology to recreate the trickery, deception and fraud under taken by the world’s leading psychics, psychokinetics and mediums.

Unlike other studies of this nature in the parapsychological world, the author’s background lies in the art of conjuring, sleight of hand and mentalism. You will learn how to replicate these demonstrations.

This is the 2013 EXTENDED version of HTGAWM, containing all of the expanded information left out of the first edition.

Christopher divulges the secrets held close by these figures who have conned the world into believing their skills are real and offers an insight into the mind of the professional liar.

All of the techniques described in this book (unless otherwise noted) have been developed by Dee Christopher through many years of study, development of published techniques and brand new thoughts and ideas that have never been shared in the past.

This tome is the ideal handbook for any performer (magician, mentalist, psychic entertainer, bizarre entertainer) looking to include psychic or psychokinetic demonstrations in their work for fun or profit.

When you buy the Limited Edition Book, you will also receive the instant download PDF free of charge.

Full Contents:

- An introduction to deception.
- How to lie.

Section One: The Psychokinetic.
- Introduction.

- Spoon Bending;
History. Misdirection. What kind of spoons to bend. The thumb bend. The pick up bend. The DC neck twist. The synthetic arc bend. Optics. Fatigue. The revolution switch. The DC neck twist: 2. The isolation experiment.

A complete spoon bending routine (With full scripting).

-Coin Bending;
History & recommendations. Altered. Swivel Bend. Syn. Hallucination. Heating coins. Coin bend optics. iSO: Isolated coin bend. iSO: Simplified handling.

- Key Bending;
History. Key switching. Flux key bend. FIVE-ZERO.

- Controlling a compass.
- Influencing a falling die.
- Influencing a random number generator. (Thoughts)

- Moving items;
- History & recommendations.
- The Clothesline technique.

- Further reading list on psychokinesis.

Section Two: The Psychic.

- Psychic Healing
History. The basic method. The swab hideout. The naked method. The sleeve method.

- Psychometry
The block technique for hands off psychometry.

- Thought Reading
Introduction. Peeks, tears or impression pads? DC peek envelope technique.

- The Accomplice
Using the accomplice. The Ruskin Sessions Video (Inc. After-Dark). Other ways to use the accomplice. Syllacode.

- Creating Believable Demonstrations
- Final Notes

With these three downloads, you will learn enough material to put together several full length shows; and with the thoughts, history and ideas interlaced, you'll learn more ways to create believable, haunting and chilling presentations that engage your audience and send shivers down their spines!

All this for less than the cost of a bottle of supermarket bourbon!

Get your copy now and download right away! No waiting for your order to arrive! :)

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A Solid Collection! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 29th, 2016
Halloween is coming up, so this is a no brainer! A great package deal, there's loads of stuff. It's not cheap, but worth it for the amount of material you get!
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Excellent Material Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 6th, 2020
If you're looking for a solid selection of dark/spooky material look no further! Well worth it.
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