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Luis Otero LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

A very clever magician from Spain shares his fun and unusual card magic, moves, and philosophy. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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"Luis is a brilliant entertainer with a pack of cards. I have seen him on large stages and close up and his dynamic style always leaves the audience breathless.” - Jeff McBride

"Recognized Latin-American artist. His vision of magic, from the deepest to the most superficial, their continuous studies, countless collaborations, and a lifetime of passion and work and magic, certainly place him in the spotlight of all those who love this art and make it prosper more and more. I really recommend his master lecture, far from being commercial, and focused on teaching, not just games, techniques, thoughts or ideas, but also a philosophy (almost become a way of life). No doubt who sees Luis Otero sees something different, fresh, original, entertaining and very magical.
I've seen him work a hundred times. I've seen him succeed a hundred times! I shared, dialogued, studied and worked with him, and so, from the virtue of being able to speak in first person, I assure that Luis, Mr. Otero, is the ideal mirror for everyone who wants further progress in this beautiful art with is magic." - Dani DaOrtiz

"Luis Otero is going to fool you. His ingenuity and cleverness, combined with sleight-of hand, create powerful pieces that will leave your audiences without any clue! Enjoy his magic, try it out and find out for yourself what I mean, because, above all, the material he will share is very very strong! And, on top of this, you will feel the true love for the study of magic as an art form that Luis so much cares about. All these qualities combined, make him more than an artist, make him a true magician at heart. If you know Luis, you know all I'm saying is true. If you don't know Luis, you are in for a real treat." - Helder Guimarães

"Magicians like secrets, and magicians like surprises. So, I am sure that you will like Luis Otero, because outside of Latin America he is mostly a secret (but not for long), and his clever magic is filled with surprises, with ideas you can really use." - Max Maven

Who is he?

Luis Otero is one of the best and cleverest magicians from Latin America with numerous national and international television credits to his name. Luis is renowned for his funny and unusual card work.
He is currently lecturing and performing all over the world, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy, Spain, England, US. He was FISM Jury member in Beijing - China, a Magic Castle favorite, a Fechter's Invitee, and he has been published in every major magic magazine.

Luis Otero's lecture is a treasure trove of magic, moves, and philosophy for the close-up magician. What's exciting about hosting a lecturer from this part of the world is that he brings with him a new style of magic and presentation, and an entirely original philosophy of card magic. The magic is beautiful, intelligent, and unusual in construction.

What will he teach?

Card to bill change Impossible transposition between a card and a bill, very visual, no gimmicks involved.

Your favorite quartet Banknotes are used to find a named four-of-a-kind. Easy to do, and amazing to spectators.

Rapidigitation An incredible skill demonstration, a selected card is pluck from a spread in a very impressive way.

ACAAN Luis' version featuring two very useful techniques.

Invisible marks The spectators find the four aces watching invisible marks in the backs, featuring a very useful new technique.

Faro shuffle discussion Tips and observations to encourage magicians to practice this wonderful technique.

Re - sandwich Two cards selected are found by two kings one by one under impossible conditions

Where can you see the greatest creators and performers share their magic in front of a live audience and then teach you to do it? Only Penguin LIVE!

Magicians flock to see workers give talks. Why? Because these guys see and learn things that you won't find in any book or video. Yes, you'll be learning some incredibly powerful A-material, but the INVALUABLE stuff will be the insight you learn along the way.

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  1. Purchase this Penguin LIVE product. This is your ticket.
  2. On Sunday, March 5th, anytime after 12:00pm Eastern, click the MyPenguinMagic area at the top of the Penguin site. You'll see the "learn" button appear next to this lecture.
  3. Sit back and watch over 2 hours of amazing magic from the comfort of your own home.

This lecture is for everyone, from the beginner to the professional, and for magicians and mentalists alike. Don't miss it!

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Luis is just amazing! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 21st, 2017
I saw Luis at the Magic Castle and then attended his lecture at the Magic Apple in LA. I was thrilled that Penguin had him do a live lecture so i could learn all the things that flew out of my head after the Apple lecture! He is the consummate performer. Original, funny, engaging and challenging. He is a joy to watch and everything that magic should be. His techniques will keep me challenged for a long time but it's well worth it. Highly recommended!
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Great lecture Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 15th, 2017
This is a great lecture, with just the first couple of tricks it is worth the price of the lecture, he explains some moves, and great tricks, the final trick with the faro technique is just brilliant, looks like magic, feels like magic, damn it is magic.
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Top Quality, Lively & Smart! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 8th, 2017
This is an excellent lecture.

Selected highlights for me:

- "Your Favorite Quartet" -- spectator freely names a value. You bet four $100 bills that four different spectators can freely stop dealing cards at each of the four cards of the named value. Highly participatory, lively and with a compelling hook. Luis uses it as an opener. Very nice!

- You Do As I Do ACAAN -- highly entertaining and interactive ACAAN with two decks. Spectator mirrors the magician to cut and shuffle, repeatedly trading decks. Lots of byplay here. Freely named card is found by spectator dealing down to freely named number. Really really nice routine, and devious method.

- Two GREAT card forces for platform work that play BIG. Luis hates how many magicians do small-action card forces suitable only for closeup in their platform work. Those aren't visible to the whole room. These card selections are beautiful forces which look very fair, and everything can be seen from afar.

Good thinking, good magic, good teaching.

Highly recommended!
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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 6th, 2017
I saw Luis Otero live at the Magic Castle and his performance was one of the best I've ever seen!!! Amazing card magician. The first two routine are worthy the price of the lecture but everything is AMAZING, full of new ideas on classic plot and original creations, two amazing way to force a card for parlor, a brilliant and entertaining ACAAN, a great discussion on Faro Shuffle, great tips and fantastic advices!!! Everything is explained in details, and beside being a genius Luis is a very nice guy, you will love to spend 3 hours with him. Thank you Penguin for bringing us lectures like this!!!! Thank you Luis!!!! Amazing job, one of the best card tricks lecture ever!!!! FIVE STAR!!!!
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