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Jennings '67 by Richard Kaufman - Book

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Six years in the making, Jennings '67 contains vintage magic with cards by the late Larry Jennings. Under the tutelage of Dai Vernon, Jennings developed many unique routines, which were kept from publication for decades. Seventy of these miracles (including some by Vernon) have been collected in a hardbound book of card magic for everyone from beginner to expert.

Pages 254 - Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 1st, 2017
Many disregard a lot of Jennings work purely based on the generalization that he was a move monkey, and all though that might be the case with some of his effects, with most of the ones in this book they are obtainable by any intermediate sleight of hand artist. He explains his finesses on ace assemblys, spelling tricks, and much more. 3 of my favorite things within the ages of this book are 'Depth Thrust' an effect where a spectator selects a card and is lost in the center of the deck, the deck is given to the spectator face down and they take the deck under the table or behind their back and turn two cards and reverse them and place them in two different locations in the deck, they then bring the deck back around and with a snap, when you spread the the deck the two face up cards are now trapping the selection between them. The next effect is 'The Los Angeles Hop' which is his rendition of the biddle trick which in my opinion, removes the most natural part of the original handling. The third effect is 'Search and Stop' an minor miracle in which a selection is shuffled into the deck and placed in your inner coat pocket, you one by one move cards from the deck to your other pocket and whenever the spectator says stop the car YOU ARE HOLDING, not the next one. not the last one but the one in your hand is their selection. I couldn't recommend this book enough and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.
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