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FREAK By Dave Forrest

A tale of murder, horror and Torn and Restored...
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Dave Forrest presents 'FREAK'.

"FREAK is an awesome effect! The 'Five Piece Principle' is brilliant! - Scott Paton (customer)

"WOW, your presentation is awesome, love it!!" - Paul Sharp (customer)

"What a great trick. Can't wait to go out working this." - Rob Matthews (customer)

When a torn photograph of a murder victim restores in the hands of your participant...

When that victim was correctly intuited, merely thought of, from three potential victims...

When that photo then changes in a truly disturbing way...

They can only do one thing...FREAK!

Genuinely solid methodology makes this bizarre, story-based, torn and restored nightmare happen pretty much all by itself in a way that is genuinely inexplicable and genuinely unsettling.

First, your participant is given a completely FREE CHOICE out of three potential victims. They don't write anything down or say anything out loud.
Then they are given three torn photographs - portraits of three pretty girls from a bygone era - each one a potential victim. All three photo's are clearly torn in half. It's VERY clear that they are holding nothing more or less than six pieces of torn photographs - there are no false counts, nothing is stolen away and no sleight of hand is used.
They are thinking of one of the girls in one of those torn photo's and when the actual murder victim is revealed it is precisely the one victim they have in mind. Every time.
Now, the two photo's of the non-victims are removed from their hand - very cleanly. You neither steal or add anything as you very openly table the four pieces of the other two photographs, leaving them with just the two pieces of the genuine murder victim's photo.
Now, without any moves, in their hands, the pieces RESTORE! The correctly identified victim's image has restored in their own hands!
But it's not just has also changed...the pretty girl is now a horrifying ghoul and she has a message for you...from beyond the grave!

FREAK is a stone cold KILLER - literally! The routine is wound around the tale of the 'Portrait Ripper' - a serial killer from yesteryear who would taunt the law by sending them ripped photo's of his next victims. The story has an intriguing twist in the tale as it is finally revealed, through the eerily restored and frighteningly altered photograph (that they were just THINKING OF!), who the 'Portrait Ripper' really is! Keeping in mind this all happens in their hands? I'm sure you can see why we call it FREAK!

FREAK will be supplied as a video download and all the necessary props will be shipped out to you.

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A New Release Masterpiece Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 19th, 2017
For the storyteller bizarre magician/ mentalist. This will give you chills once you purchase this. I bought it from Dave Forrest upon the pre release, but am a loyal PM customer so I had to write a review for this. Check it out today, not for the faint of heart and includes three AMAZING principles. Highly, highly recommended - instant half-hour download instruction, PDF's and the props! BUY FREAK TODAY!
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Pretty Cool Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2018
I like the principal here. It can be used for other tricks with some imagination. The instruction and presentation video are top notch easy to follow. There is a tiny bit of crafts but super easy and tales no time you don't need anything else except glue.
Comes with all the PDF files so you can print more if eeded and I find the pdf of the story and handling great so I can always have it in my phone so if need be I can refresh my memory when I need to.
EAsy and Fun. At this price...get it.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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It's OK Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 9th, 2018
If you like Freaky magic, it’s OK. The magic is easy to perform but need story telling skills and build up the convincing scary atmosphere to make the magic convincing and effective. The picture paper included is so thin, and may tire it up on a few use.
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