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Killer by Tonny Poker

A card trick with a vampire theme, then you became the vampire, for real... A true Killer!
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Imagine this; You take a blue deck of cards and ask a spectator to take a card. They do and you tell them a horror story, one starring a vampire and the card they are holding is the victim, who tries to escape by hidding among the other villagers. But the vampire (You) is very skilled, and is able to find the card by smell, the smell of blood, red and fresh blood. So now a red card is showing, you turn it over and the spectator´s card has turned red... The trick is over now? Not at all! You take the card near your mouth and show two long fangs coming out, get prepared for screams and big reactions, cause this effect is a killer!
When the audience starts to settle down, you show again the card, now blue again since all the blood was drained by the vampire, and with his thirst tempered, comes back to his human form again, so you can show your mouth totally normal, no fangs to be seen anywhere and you are totally able to keep up with your program.

This is a unique effect, magicians had been doing magic with cards, coins and other objects for centuries, but a physical transformation... Well... that´s the dream!
Now in your reach!

Tonny Poker is one of Latin America´s top magicians, and has been using "Killer" for several years now, getting some of the greatest reactions you can imagine with this effect, over and over again, they never imagine what is coming over.

1-You start clean, you end up clean.
2-Everything you need to perform comes with the DVD + Gimmick.
3-You are able to speak clearly at all time.
4-Get amazing reactions.
5-Magic that truly sets you appart.
6-High quality and professionally hand-made gimmick.
8-Several ways to present it, but always a big finale.
9-Truly memorable.

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