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Performing the Q&A by Gerry McCambridge (Hardcover)

A lifetime of experience distilled into one definitive volume. You could easily build a career with the contents of this one book. IN STOCK. LIMITED SUPPLY.
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"This book is your future, a textbook that could give you a successful lifetime career in mentalism." -Banachek

"Gerry McCambridge is one of the world's most successful mystery performers. His unique Q&A eminently qualifies him to author a definitive guide." -Ross Johnson

Most professional mentalists agree, the strongest routine you can perform in a mentalism show is the Question and Answer (the Q & A) act. You seemingly use your abilities to not only read an audience members mind and figure out what their questions are, you also answer the question for them.

Gerry McCambridge has been performing his unique blindfolded Q&A act for over 30 years. He has performed it over 5,000 times on the largest stages in the world, making him by far one of the most experienced mentalists to teach a master class on the topic.

If you always wanted to add the Q&A act to your show, this book teaches you everything you need to know. It starts at the beginning, first teaching you the technique to properly blindfold yourself. Next it gives you the step-by-step practice routines Gerry used to master his act. The practice routines teach you audience management skills and the ability to feed back the secretly acquired information to the audience, making it seem as if you are figuring things out that were never written down.

You will learn:

  • How to Acquire the Information
  • Make Leap of Faith Guesses
  • Dilute Your Misses
  • Use the Dual Reality
  • Use Cancelling Methods
  • Changes the Act According to the Venue
  • Perform the Q & A on TV
  • How to Blindfold Yourself
  • Perform the Omni Glance
  • Perform the Triple Match

Gerry has been a Las Vegas headliner for over 13 years. He was voted the “Best Magic Show” in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal readers poll. Gerry is a recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association “Dunninger Memorial Award” for Excellence in the Performance of Mentalism, as well as the “Dan Blackwood Award” for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism. Gerry was also awarded “Mentalist of the Year in 2008 by the International Magicians Society, as well as “Mentalist of the Decade” in 1999.

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A MUST HAVE if you want to learn Q & A Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 21st, 2018
I saw Gerry perform his Q & A routine a few years ago in his Vegas show. It was stunning! As a fellow mentalist who also performs Q & A at almost every show, I was staggered at the amount of thought and detail that he injected into his performance. The reveals were dynamic and powerful. He cleverly used other effects to cancel out possible methods in the minds of the audience and left them with absolutely no explanation for what they had just seen. The gasps and stunned reactions proved that Gerry is a master showman with a creative mind and a tonne of experience under his belt and now YOU can gain access to that experience in his fantastic new book.
Gerry generously shares his knowledge and explains everything you need to know to create your own Q & A act. This book it NOT for the absolute beginner you must have had some stage time and you must understand about basic mentalism techniques. From this starting point Gerry will lead you on a journey that will end with you knowing EVERYTHING that you will need to know about Q & A. Interestingly, he has a rather unique way of getting you to the point of feeling completely comfortable about performing a full blown Q & A act. I wish I had known about when I was younger!
So many performers shy away from Q & A as it’s notoriously difficult to learn. The problem is that you can’t stand in front of a mirror and learn it like a feat of sleight of hand. The effect MUST be performed with people so you can only learn it by doing it in the real world. This takes guts and a leap of faith in your own abilities as a performer. Many are not comfortable in taking that leap. If that sounds like you, then this book is a MUST HAVE as Gerry’s unique approach WILL work for you. What he does is teaches you three different routines. The first is a completely structured and scripted approach. You know what information will be coming from the audience and you will deliver your reveals each time you perform in exactly the same way. Next he teaches you a semi – structured routine that allows for some improvisation and freer interaction with audience. Finally he teaches a fully blown Q & A where you have no idea what the audience are going to write on the question cards and therefore gives you complete freedom to improvise. I have not seen this approach before and I have to say this is a GREAT way to learn Q and A. You build up your experience at improvisation and how to answer ANY question with no fear or worry of failure. This is an extremely intelligent approach to learning Q and A and it’s great that Gerry has shared it with us.
This book is fantastic…I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are considering performing Q and A you simply MUST have this book.”
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Simple, Straightforward, and Rock Solid Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 7th, 2018
I've been performing a blindfolded Q & A act for some time now.
Once I started doing it, it quickly became my absolute favorite part of my show. I studied and performed various Q & A methods, watched other performers, took big risks, etc. It is the way I close both my corporate act and my public shows and it never fails to please my audiences and it's a thrill and challenge to perform!

Along comes Gerry's book and there was absolutely no question in my mind about ordering it. I was clicking and ordering it within minutes after discovering it was being released.

Everything you need to know to perform a Q & A act is in there, for beginners and experienced pros alike. His "13 Performance Tips" and practice routines alone are worth the entire price of the book.

After reading it, I instantly put some things to work in my current act to improve it even more. Last night, after a public show I perform regularly in a comedy club, I overheard one lady in the audience say "I wasn't really buying it too much at first, but then he got BRIAN and I was, like, WHOA!"

No fluff in this book. Just concise, straightforward and solid real-world knowledge from a master who has perfected this act with over 4,000 live performances. And he's sharing it all with us. THANK YOU, GERRY!
5 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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Sturdy Insight into Q&A Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2018
Gerry's Vegas show is easily one of the most successful (if not THE most successful) Q&A acts in the business. It's a great pleasure to read his insights into the mechanics and psychologies of the art.

While no single work is definitive on all the possible ins and outs of Q&A, Gerry's is an extremely well rounded and informative book, offering a tremendous foundation for new minds exploring the act, as well as a garden of interesting possibilities for the more seasoned worker.

Perhaps the strongest portion here is his take on the blindfold work, which can be applied to numerous other routines and ideas, outside of just the Q&A. His blindfold tips have led me to what has become my general go to for blindfold magic and mentalism.

Another very worthy inclusion here are scans of actual Q&A slips Gerry has received over the years. These are terrific inclusions for practice in ways of disseminating the info in an entertaining way, as well as practicing reading needed information that has been handwritten, and potentially difficult to decipher, due to sloppy or harried handwriting of spectators.

While I recommend also exploring other works on Q&A, to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances and mechanics of presenting the act (Bob Cassidy's Master Class, also here on Penguin, is a spectacular resource), you can't at all go wrong with the building blocks Gerry shares in this book.

This is a great addition to my mentalism library, and enormous thanks go to Gerry for sharing his many years of experience and success in this plot.
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Happy With Purchase Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 8th, 2018
I loved reading this. I already have Q&A mechanics I'm happy with but this book was well worth for the tips on presentation.
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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Performing the Q&A by Gerry McCambridge Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 29th, 2017
When I saw Gerry McCambridge perform his Q&A routine in Las Vegas a few years ago, I thought, "How great would it be if he taught a course on how to do it!" I even thought about writing Gerry a letter to inquire if I could pay him a large fee to privately teach me his approach to the Q&A. Then I thought, "No way, he would never agree to that. After all, the Q&A is THE major routine in Gerry's act."

When I discovered Gerry had written a book detailing the exact methods he uses (and there are several) I was absolutely thrilled. This book delivers the goods, explaining in detail the inner workings of his superb Q&A routine.

If you get the chance, go see Gerry's show in Vegas. It's one of the best Mentalism shows I've ever seen. He is a consummate professional, and the show is fast paced, interesting, funny and very entertaining.

After seeing his show, if you want to learn the secrets to Gerry's Blindfold Q&A, get this book and devour it!
3 of 3 magicians found this helpful.
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A must read for anyone interested in Q&A Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 6th, 2019
The emphasis in the book is on a blindfolded act. I am not interested in doing my Q&A with a blindfold but his advice on giving back information plus his material on what he considers foundational routines was more than worth the price of the book
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