Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

> Impression Vanish by Peter Boie

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 23rd, 2018
I wish we got a video download. However, Peter does have a link for video instruction and assistance.

Without giving anything away, the risk factor is higher than I normally like in my tricks. I'm a 50 year amateur. It's probably lower for those that use mechanics often. I prefer low risk and self-working or gimmicked tricks. This one requires about two minor sleights or handlings. The strength of the trick makes the practice time worth it. I won't perform until I've mastered the routine. My audience is primarily friends, family, co-workers and at the bar.

I don't like to alter the tricks, but will attempt to do this trick with a pen instead of a pencil and without a glass of water. We'll see how it works.

Not for the lazy sleight of hand artist.

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Sep 23rd 2018 5:11pm
Hey, Anonymous..I have no doubt you will master this little gem. I'm 70 but to be honest, I have been into magic for over 50 years. I'm a pretty good judge of what constitutes a high risk effect as opposed to a totally self working one. At my age, I also find myself moving toward the easier stuff to show to people. Believe me, just give this a little of your time and you will have a trick that you will be proud to show your friends and family, and completely blow their minds!..stay focused and best of luck on this!...

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Sep 27th 2018 11:26am
I don't think you can get a gimmicked pen at the angle you need to do the impression. I do think this is a great trick for the lazy magician as there isn't much to do... you could at least use saliva (not appealing) but wiping away the impression adds to the vanish. Not trying to be mean but there are some great effects that require little sleight of hand, expand a bit! It doesn't sound like you have enough knowledge to be changing such a well thought out effect. Stay with a pencil & water if you want to get the most out of this. :) No, I'm not a verified buyer but I have had mine before the release date. How? Made it, I am a prof. close-up table hopper and it did take three views to get it. Why do I say this. The more you practice and perform there will be some tricks you see that you will be able to duplicate and not always purchase. Not trying to take money out of the inventers pocket but if you know how it works... and believe it or not I already had this gimmick(s)… so I made it.

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Oct 01st 2018 6:35pm
To themagicray, you really have no idea what my knowledge level is. The purpose of me giving a review is to alert anyone that is at my general level know what to expect without giving away the secret to the trick. It is not meant to be review like in a movie. I've been doing magic for over 50 years, but in recent years my life doesn't afford the time to practice tricks endlessly, like I assume you might have. Doctoring tricks to one's own needs is nothing new. Someone more at a higher sleight of hand level may even do more of a sleight. Someone at a lower level may want to use less sleight with the trick. I've bought about 50 tricks from Penguin and it is my duty to allow those at my level to be aware what it might take to successfully do this trick before spending $25. In fact that is why I'm responding to your review of my review so that those wanting to buy this excellent trick can be aware.

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Oct 08th 2018 7:13pm
Randywv im with you ,man , who is this clown ...

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Jan 13th 2019 9:26pm
Randy--I know that your review is months old, but I just read it and your response.... I thank you for your fine review. Can't say enough how much I appreciate this, because I'm in the exact same boat. Just a hobbyist, for friends, family, and coworkers. I too need all the help I can get and reviews like yours really help to steer me toward appropriate gimmicks for my skill level.
Thanks again!

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May 14th 2019 5:37pm
Hi, sorry late again but just saw the replies. First, I'm no clown OMZ, very rude. Randy you explained your knowledge level just fine and said the risk factor is high. I'm not trying to say I'm "better" or "smarter" but the risk factor I find very low, even for beginners. My 2c. That explains your knowledge level... If you want things you don't have to practice any sleights with that's fine, but you are not a magician, just someone who buys tricks, big difference. I was trying to offer good advice about the pencil, not to irritate you but a pen takes a higher angle (for pick up) and I don't think the impression works as well, I did try it but to each his own. The gimmick also does not need to be attached to either pen or pencil BTW, sorry an alteration. I do think your review saying this is risky is off base so this is my review of your review of my review. :)

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Apr 24th 2019 8:23pm
Good info Randy, thx

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