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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 12th, 2018
I've had my Die-Cipher II for close to 20 years . Other than a nice change in color from the brass...it's exactly as it was the day I bought it.

It's a clever and devious secret and I've never had a spectator figure it out. It works exactly as described.

If I have any reason for not giving it 5 stars, it's for one reason. It's like a "box trick" in stage magic: the object itself is so unnatural (a brass die and a specialized brass cylinder) that it's obvious that the "magic" is being done by the object itself....not the magician.

I'm sure there are mentalists who have found a way around this. I've tried various plots and stories (previously owned by a dead gambler, found in my grandfather's attic, etc.)....but, personally, I've never found a good plot that I was satisfied with.

But, other than that, it is a GREAT effect. It's very well-made and a joy to use.

Plus, it's gorgeous....and will look even more gorgeous in 20 years. It's a piece of magic that will last MORE than a lifetime...

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Jan 24th 2019 6:49pm
Hi Tony,

I'm not sure if this will suit your needs but instead of a display of esp you can present this as a display of xray vision. Then the brass box makes total sense as you are seeing through the box to the die inside. I know Ben Harris used to do a whole Xray vision act so there are definitely more xray effects out there that you could use with it.

Hope this helps.

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Feb 15th 2019 8:04pm
I had a similar struggle with cipher sticks (or wizard wands). It's a similar concept where you divine what color stick was sealed in a brass tube. I actually created a little insert of (fake) instructions as if it was specifically designed to test the ESP abilities of a subject. I found that people aren't overly concerned with what they are, but if they ever looked in the case, they would only find the fake instructions I created that seem to indicate that it's a legitimate instrument of studying sixth senses.

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Aug 16th 2021 7:32am
I used the die-cypher for years with my students. I would shake it next to my ear and pretend that it was the sound that told me the selected side of the die. It was the perfect mis-direction - they would shake and listen for hours, over and over again. They obviously know that, as mentioned, it was the die that made the difference, but by making the claim that it was the sound... it drove them nuts.

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