Like a special-effect, animate a misprinted card, & then hand it out!

> Raising Cane by Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt

4.5 Stars - a mini-act is awesome! I can’t wait for more! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 6th, 2019
Greg and Dave are mean.

Very mean.

Seriously. I think it’s cruel and unusual punishment that these guys are releasing this next volume of Coffee Conjuring one. Stinkin’. Trick. At. A. Time. Really, is this how you treat your fans? You TORTURE them?

Every trick has been spot on so far, and to me, this is pretty much a mini-act and valuable little lesson in misdirection for new magicians.


Ok for those of you who didn’t stop at the TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read), here are some more details on what’s great (and what’s not) about this trick.

Is the trick everything it seems in the demo? Yes. The demo is very accurate. A critical part is edited out, but that’s only fair. When I watched the full performance, I could immediately see how the trick was done. The cut out section is literally only a couple seconds though. IMHO, this was a very fair demo.

Will this trick work as good as it seems? To be honest, not many can perform like Greg. He has a casual, fun way of getting everyone excited and make you feel like he’s coming along for the ride. Compliments aside, yes, the trick is as good as it looks. In real life, this will kick your spectators’ butts. Warning though: I think this trick has the potential to be a little lackluster if you can’t perform. Lesson: practice, practice, practice. Study Greg’s patter and how he generates excitement. He’s a natural.

No thumb tip? Really? Yes! This is the big thing that made me HAVE TO get the trick. Even though I figured out 95% of the trick on the first time watching the demo, there was one tiny part I couldn’t figure out. How he got the sugar in the cup. I easy saw WHEN it happened. I knew it happened. But I was so confused because the method wasn’t clear to me. (Now that I know the method, Facepalm.) The more of these Coffee Conjuring tricks I see, the more I’m seeing how Greg thinks outside the mug. (See what I did there?)

Is this a magician fooler? A tad maybe. Some yes, some no. But does it really matter? If your spectators freak out, who cares what your magic friends think?

Gimmicks? Arts and crafts? Not really. I mean there is are two gimmicks (if you even call them that) you make. But it’s about 10 or 20 seconds of work with something that will be readily available at Starbucks. If you’re concerned about prep time spent at the prep bar (so that’s why they call it that! Haha!), take the items needed into the restroom to set up. Like I said, it’ll take maybe 10 or 20 seconds tops.

Sleights? No fancy moves. There is one quick move you do, but nothing complicated or unnatural.

Beginner friendly? Yes. You’ll look like David Blaine. Just practice please so your confidence won’t slow you down from hamming it up. This is a simple trick. The real trick is in turning it into a true show with your presentation.

Impromptu? No. See the previous paragraph. But it’ll seem impromptu to the spectator. 😉 it’s really not that bad.

Walk around? No. I mean you are not stuck at a table, but you will need to reset by preparing new gimmicks. Think of this as a single grand finale (or not) coffee store act. You’ll do this once.

Is this something for real life or just for the interwebs? Both! There are no sensitive angles. This will perform great!

Any special lighting? Daytime would probably be better or at least a well lit area since you are dealing with sugar obviously. But as long as the sugar is easily visible, the scene doesn’t matter much.

How’s the teaching? As usual, very sufficient. I’m glad to see Dave doing a little more on the teaching than some of the other tricks I’ve recently reviewed. Greg casts a big shadow and it’s nice to see Dave peeking a little bit out of it now. Great job teaching from both of them.

How’s the price? Great! This product is priced just right. Honestly, it’s a deal. I could see me getting this for $9.95 and still being very happy.

Should I get this? Um. YES. Did you not read my review? Haha kidding. Yes I think you’ll like this trick. The only ones who might be disappointed are people who could figure this out after seeing the whole performance. If you’re advanced, you’re likely able to reverse engineer this. I got it because it said no thumb tip. If you can already do similar this without a thumb tip, perhaps you don’t need this. But it’s priced low, so why not support our starving magicians anyway? 😊

In conclusion, I loved this trick! I’m awarding this 4.5 stars. (I reserve 5s for extremely visual “magical” magic tricks. A good trick like this though makes me question if I should hold back. So officially this is a 4.5. But if the Brews Brothers want to round this number up, I’m not gonna complain!)

Get this trick. It’s nice to come away with something fun that you’ll perform!

By the way, I always try to be honest and straightforward in my reviews, while being respectful to the magician. If you appreciate my reviews, can you please click the "Yes" button below beside the question, "Did this review help you?" It's not like I actually benefit in any way by your clicking it... but it would be nice to see if my reviews are helpful or not. I hope they are. If you ever have suggestions or comments or questions about my reviews, please feel free to leave me a constructive comment. I'm just trying to be helpful. I love the Penguin community and hope that I can someday contribute my own product. :-) Thanks for reading and for any (hopefully positive, but either way, at least kind) feedback.
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Oct 10th 2019 5:04pm
lol. Yes, same here. I think I know how he got it in the cup but not sure

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