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> DeLand: Mystery and Madness by Richard Kaufman

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 9th, 2019
Kaufmans book DeLand:Mystery and Madness is incredible. It´s over 600 pages, but it´s so fascinating, that it was difficult to go to the bed. With book you get Mystery and Madness deck with many wonderful trick cards. The Devils own trick is a trick with 10 cards. You can cut the cards as many times as you want, but you can always name the lovermost card. There is little printing misstake on these cards, but you can easy fix it with scratching some marks to the back of missprinted card.

I don´t like so much Mr.DeLand becuase he stole some of my pet secrets over 100 years ago. He was more than genius. In his automatic playing cards deck have over 12 000 secret marks. Marks tell to you top and lovermost card and position of any card in the deck, but some of the marks are so small that I´m unable to see these even with magnifying glass. So if you don´t have hawks eye, maybe you can´t get everything out from this deck.

Penquinmagic is one of my favorite dealers. Always fast delivery and honest dealer. I hope that you start selling DeLand´s Wonder Deck, his Dollar Deck and Mystery and Madness Deck.

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May 25th 2020 4:42pm
I own it, it's a very good book, mamy great gems in this book

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