> Fourtunate (Fortunate) by David Jonathan and Mark Mason

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 15th, 2019
Sorry, I seldom write negative reviews, but I got very disappointed with this. I had high expectations for this gimmick. I thought I would receive some sort of ‘intelligent deck’ (as Fortuity or as Position Impossible, for example, for those who know it), but not. Actually you don’t receive any deck, but some cards to accomplish an old old forcing method. The box gimmick itself brings a new idea, but is fragile. Marc on the tutorial states that it is not that fragile, but it actually is, once it involves the cellophane. And there’s nothing more fragile than a cellophane in a card box. There is a certain corner of the card box that can ruin the gimmick easily and permanently, even by the most careful magician. Also, you can’t perform this too close from the spectator, as they may notice something ‘weird’ about the box, exactly on the main spot, the drawn circle area. Also, the lightning conditions can give away the secret.
If one is new to magic and is interested in the multiple out prediction plot, I could highly recommend other effects as The Gift, from Angelo Carbone, Glassandra by Stefan Olschewsky, Number 4 Envelope by Blake Vogt, The Force Wallet by Vortex Magic and many others. If the interest is in drawing predictions, I’d suggest PrediChange by Yonel Arcade, Ink and Tornado Box, both by Mickael Chatelain and also many others. My apologies to Marc, he has many wonderful tricks on the market like Under Wraps and Tag, but Fourtunate I’m not sure I’m going to use.
Last but not least, my ‘outer part’ of the gimmick arrived torn just out of the box, not Penguin’s fault, but maybe during the packaging process on its origin. I didn’t remove any stars from my review based on this. Penguin’s perfect customer service already took care about this for me, as usual.

Whatever...for this price tag, I’d expect something more.

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Nov 15th 2019 8:23am
Hey Arthur, David Jonathan here. I'm sorry to hear the trick didn't live up to your expectations.  The other effects you mention are also great and ultimately it comes down to the performer's preference of which one is the best fit for them as each has its own set of pros and cons.

I did just want to chime in that the gimmick is not as fragile as you may initially expect - I've been using mine for 9 months and its still in perfect condition.  I keep the box in one of those plastic protective card cases so its not just loose, banging around in your pocket.  As long as you take care of it, it will last you a very long time (and the cello can be replaced should something unfortunate happen).

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Nov 20th 2019 6:50am
I agree with Arthur

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Dec 12th 2019 6:22pm
Mine never worked after the first few practice trys , bought it cause it had Mark Masons name , but im very disappointed with it ...

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