> Rainbow Matrix by Max Maven

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 28th, 2020
This effect suffers alot from what other effects from this project suffer to less extent ("lost and phoned", "switch doctor"), which is the fact that it is really really easy to backtrack, especially if your using the original 1-16 grid, the spec won't even need to record the session to backtrack it, it can easily be done from memory. The math at the core of this trick is intresting, and Max's insights are intresting too, and he tells you of different ways to use this, but as presented, the basic effect is bad, it won't even confuse you friends. There might be a way i can use it in the future, but i will have to do alot of modifications

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Sep 28th 2020 8:27pm
Putting aside the fact that most spectators won't actually try to figure it out, redo it, or backtrack... The 1-16 grid is just one option. You can use whatever grid you want, and Max provides detailed instructions for how to wind up with pretty much any number you want.

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Dec 13th 2020 7:32am
Understanding that reviews are subjective, I wanted to disagree with this review. Yes this is an old, well known principle for Magicians, but not for laymen . The vast majority of any audience does not have to “backtrack” nor want to find out how an effect is done. There are always a few for sure that look at magic as a puzzle and we expect that. Audiences realize magic isn’t real and all “add a number” routines are arguably traceable to method. Does that make any of them less entertaining in real time performance. I’ve literally used this in dozens of shows and it always gets a great reaction. I like the journey it takes and the inclusion of audience members. This is one of the most entertaining add a numbers routines in my opinion. If entertainment is your goal, this is a steal at the price. If you perform with the constant fear that someone will “find out” your magic is not real, some reconsideration of the performance art best suited for you is needed.

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