> ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz Chapter 06: Semi-Automatic Card At Number

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2021
If you watch close when he splits the critical spade packet he does not drop them in order...they are out of order....so hes bettin they dont pick the value he dropped out of order. He got lucky w that part....also the setup requires a cull if on the fly and an in order cull at that!! Without it, trick starts odd by just picking up deck....not sure he even gets the break at the start like instructs to do. Good trick tho but just pointing out few details in trailer that arent exact.

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Jul 22nd 2021 4:28pm
Thanks very much for your review.

The trailer is exactly the same than the trick, only in the beggin I use a step between paquet for can recovery the control of the deck after leave it on the table ;) I forget say that in the video but sure is not.a problem because don’t need do that.

The rest, include the moment when the spectator cut the suit, is the same.

Thanks very much

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Aug 07th 2021 6:07am
Mr Daortiz I liked the effect very much but what if a spectator picks a small packet but more than 13 cards ? This is the only point I feel the trick can go wrong

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Sep 29th 2021 7:44am
Just before the spectator cuts, say: "Cut a small group and look at the suit of the card where you have cut." This prevents the spectator cutting more.

If he has already cut more, just at the time he has cut, tell him: "That's a lot for later. Cut a little less." The spectator will understand the situation and rectify it, but "later" it will be too late to remember what happened "now". ;)

I hope I can help you. Something, solutions is easier that we think, if we only think from technique point of view.

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