> Zap by Hon Wong and Gordon Fang-Wong

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
I just feel that they teach you one thing and tell you it's fundamental, then do it differently. The technique used by Gordon goes against what Hon taught on the video. On page 19 where it states "7% of people that read this book will be able to Zap." Then a few lines below that it says, "anybody can ZAP." Honestly, all ZAP is, is a little book and DVD giving you a ton of motivational speeches. Also, this technique is not new and has been around for a while. I actually think there are better ways to do the same technique without any hard pulls. Once Wong was caught making the fake account and reviewing his own product, which it was proven that the posts came from the same IP address...so maybe it wasn't Wong, himself..I suppose it could've been someone else using his computer. Regardless, once he was caught, he would not admit his fault and offer an apology. He expects us to just overlook that. When I heard that Wong reviewed his on product I emailed him and he did not email me back. So then I decided to email him two questions and he answered one but simply went around the question about him reviewing his own products. That makes me very suspicious, especially when reviews on other sites were very bad, and if there were not so many good comments on penguin I would have never bought this trick.

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Nov 09th 2015 10:20am
i'd like to have their email address to invite them over to hypnotize me.. that request seems to send every "professional" hypnotist over here, running for the hills

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