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> Trilogy by Johnny Ace Palmer

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
its nothing special. got this at my magic shop and was dissapointed by the teaching on the dvd as well as the average level of the tricks. there was nothing special. i think that my favorite trick, and the one i use the most, is the card prediction of "too fast" a nice, commercial trick. overall, nothing special

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Jun 06th 2018 5:30pm
If it was truly "nothing special" you wouldn't be using anything from the DVD. Sounds more like you just wanted to complain.

I know it's an 8 year old review, but my comment stands.

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Aug 27th 2018 12:17am
He has a ton of awards on his shelf but his effects are nothing special. That makes sence.

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Mar 14th 2019 8:49pm
Agree with tetelos. Comment stands.

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Nov 01st 2019 4:30pm
Joe has a right to voice his opinion even if RaceBlakhart doesn't agree. Just because "Race" thinks it's the cat's meow so what? That's just his opinion. Merely because someone has a ton of awards really doesn't mean that much.

I've met some plenty of people in my life, specialists and experts who had tons of awards, citations, etc, who were mediocre in their field at best. If this was a really great DVD, it wouldn't keep popping up in Penguin's "Open Box" section, and it has, many times at this point.

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Jul 28th 2020 5:57am
obviously kaplan123 know nothing abt magic and penguin.

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