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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 9th, 2011
I purchased this effect from Penguin several years ago under a different account. I got rid of it several months ago, but now I wish I hadn't. Anyway, here's everything you need to know.

This effect is going to require a separate deck exclusively for this trick. Reset is not instant, but rather simple. Trick cannot be repeated with a different card. It will always be the Two of Hearts/Two of Diamonds combo. Not practical for standing. I take issue with the "Free Choice" Claim. The initial prediction card is not a free choice. It is taken out by the magician. I guess you could force it if you want, but it's totally unnecessary in my opinion. If you known a decent false shuffle, you can appear to shuffle the cards at the start. Otherwise, cards cannot be shuffled or examined at any point. Not practical for the pain-in-the-rear type spectator. It's best done at an off-beat moment with a cooperative spectator. I would find it hard to incorporate it into a longer card routine as the deck would have to be switched in, then out again. Not worth the trouble in my opinion. I consider the price to be a bit high considering the limitations of the effect. I do like it though and can be very effective at the right time with the right person. I like the gimmicks and the idea behind it. It's not a trick that you'll use alot in the real world, I grant you that. But it is very, very simple to do. No sleight of hand at all is required.

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Jan 06th 2015 9:48am
Thank you! I found your review even more useful than the video one!

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Jan 06th 2015 10:47am
I wish that all reviews were this cogent and down-to-brass-tacks! I have really learned some-thing useful about the effect. Thank you!

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Jan 06th 2015 1:57pm
After a couple of years and a few hundred dollars I have learned that reading peoples' reviews is a must. I've received several instructions on building a gimmick that was all but impossible even for an intelligent guy like myself. However, sometimes even the reviews seem to be written by elementary school kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your review. It saved me the cost of another trick that would have ended up in my junk drawer. I would love it if you were to write more reviews in your spare time....... if you have any!!! Have a great 2015!!!!

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Jan 06th 2015 4:13pm
Thank you for the kind words. I wasn't trying to talk the product down, just giving my honest feedback. I'm glad to be of help though.

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Jan 07th 2015 6:01am
Thanks for a really helpful review covering what we do actually need to know. What saddens me these days is that under the guise of 'protecting the secret' the ads are often misleading. In the end it's us magicians who are being tricked. Yet you have managed to explain everything that matters without exposing anything secret. See - it can be done! Thanks again.

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Jan 28th 2015 11:27am
Thanks for your clear concise review. I have purchased a lot of tricks that basically could only be shown once to the same group of people. I call them "One Trick Ponies" There are some good effects that fall into that category but I am now a lot more conservative on my purchases. Thanks.

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Feb 11th 2015 4:33pm
I disagree that this effect is not practical standing up. So far, that's the only way I've done it (in my parlor shows). Also, I disagree that you wouldn't use it very often in the real world. I use a version of this effect in almost every parlor show that I do. But that's my humble opinion....

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Feb 12th 2015 10:36am
Thanks for your input.

To clarify: By "standing up", I mean that it requires a table. Not that it literally can't be done on your feet. It requires a working surface is what I was driving at.

If you're doing formal shows where you prepare beforehand, then yes, it can be used. By "real world", I meant when one is out and about, off the cuff. Most people, in their everyday routine, prefer not to carry an extra deck with them that only does one trick. It simply takes up too much real estate. However, for planned formal shows, that's a different story.

Good points you brought up Randy, and they gave me a chance to clarify certain terms and concepts I used.

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