Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 8th, 2012
The gimmick can become loose and bent with time. The coins look very old and are heavy, and are made for close up work. This trick/routine is way over priced. I got it on clearance for half price and that still seems too high for something that was hard for me to learn. There are so many sleights shown on the DVD that I got confused. I had to keep running the DVD back to get any of them down pat. Also the so called "miracles" are not as impressive as cheaper tricks such as Scotch and Soda, Hopping Halves, Legal Tender, or Holey Cow. Those tricks "blow people's minds" in close up shows or on the street but this one doesn't impress people as much.

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Feb 04th 2017 8:25pm
This may be or may not be a long message from your point of view. But I can assure you that not reading it will be a bigger loss to you than buying these coins for twice the price, losing them and buying them again for thrice the price.

I agree, they are extremely over priced. But saying they don't impress people is insulting yourself without even knowing it. But I would bet that he was an amateur. And I don't mean that as an insult. But after performing Magic full-time for over 18 years you learn a few secrets. A few examples of a "secret" to the amateur, or the non-serious magician is a "palm", "shell", or French Drop. A few examples of a "secret" to the professional would be "Character Development for the express purpose of obtaining and correctly applying authority", "Methods by which one determines his/her target market and the steps taken to reach and acquire said market" or "The prop, gimmick or tool is not impressive or unimpressive. It's just a prop, Gimmick or tool. YOU are impressive or unimpressive. Let me explain that last one. And forgive me if I appear egotistical. I do have an ego. But it's irrelevant in this topic of discussion. Anyways, I've written four books on magic. The subjects of which have not been written about yet. Which is one of the reasons I most likely won't publish them ever. I have 6 students of mine out of 9 who are currently full-time Magicians. And that, unintentionally is my point. Read this part carefully. Because it will be easy to mistake this for an attempt at sounding "romantically profound". To explain what I mean, sometimes people try to focus on sounding profound instead of making sense. For example:(Magic is not external. It is internal. And a reflection of self will reveal true magic if you don't hinder it's motives)

That's an actual quote from a source I won't give. Embarrassing Magicians is not a hobby of mine. But I am willing to bet, if you ask 20 Magicians to write down in their own words what they believe that means, and had the author rephrase it as well, I can almost guarantee you that not one interpretation will be the same. And I would not be surprised if the author would respond with "it was meant to mean something different for each individual"

So read this carefully and read it literally. I'm not a fan of metaphors when explaining important details of a
Specific nature.

The prop does not change. A coin in my hand is still a coin in your hand. And while the coin is in your hand, it will remain a coin even if you put it back in my hand. When the coin is no longer in your possession, or no longer in your immediate control altogether, then and only then does it become "unimpressive".

Again, this will sound like a metaphor, but it's not. YOU are impressive or unimpressive. And I mean that in its most litteral usage.

Because when you assume the trick is unimpressive and I pick them up and blow people away, then your claim is fallacious. You are attempting to apply a characteristic that requires a thinking mind to exist to an inanimate object. Which may or may not seem obvious. But it's an easy mistake to make. This is not a demonstration or example of your "stupidity". It is simply an honest Argument from ignorance. (That's not an insult. I'm not calling you ignorant. People are not "Ignorant". "Ignorance" is a label used to describe the absence of a specific piece or application of information. The "Argument from ignorance" is proper terminology
In the subject of philosophy. PHILOSOPHY is often misunderstood. It is not a subject of opinions. Philosophy is much like math in the sense that it has no room for expressing Opinions. Philosophy is the study of logic, knowledge vs belief theory, and epistemology.

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Mar 07th 2019 7:04pm
Thanks for the insight , I swear you sound like your on mushrooms ….

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