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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 23rd, 2014
Max Maven is a famous top tier pro with enormous experience, but I doubt this was his A-level material. There are only three effects that I may use to some degree: 1)Four Sided Triangle, 2)Fearless Book Test, and 3)The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything. The four ace routine was overly complicated compared to other methods that achieve the same effect. Ghostwriter II is not clean (i.e., cannot be examined and prone to exposure). Numberskull, Maven's ACAAN effect, uses a difficult to make gimmick deck.Even Maven stated he thought no one would perform it (due to the difficulty of making the gimmick deck). This raises the question, why present an effect that you think your workshop attendees will likely not use or perform? I don't think Maven's Q&AVM hits hard enough and the presentation was confusing. About the worst thing you can do is blame a volunteer for an effect going wrong and that is how Maven's interaction with Patrick Redford came off during the Q&AVM effect. Redford is a fine magician/mentalist.If he has a problem with following directions, then the routine needs work. Maven also had problems with the first Fearless Book Test volunteer and had to replace the first volunteer with another. This raises questions about audience management and preparing for multiple outs. Dismissing the first volunteer was rude, and I think Maven could have made it work using a more finesse. In fairness, Max Maven did provide a lot of tips and interesting anecdotes. However, this was a four hour lecture and I think there could have been more and better magic/mentalism performed and explained. None of the effects that Maven performed came off as top tier material.

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Sep 23rd 2014 8:14am
He said it wasn't Patricks fault multiple times, even though it was. Neither was his dismissal of the fist spectator rude, he did it In a very polite way. Furthermore I can't see how you could do the same four ace effect with a cleaner procedure, every other one I know involves lengthy dealing procedures or the magician actually touches the cards. It doesn't really seem like you were really watching the lecture as this is not a very accurate reflection on it.

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Nov 10th 2022 1:41pm
I admit that I felt sorry for the first volunteer, but Max did admit that the trick could be made in a way that any ambiguity would be removed. I give credit to Max admitting he could change it to eliminate that problem and make it better.
I could also see, and understand, the frustration Max was feeling at that moment.
Not his finest moment in performing, but he did understand and agree a change in the deck construction may be best.

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