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> Lacuna by Brandon Queen

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 5th, 2014
First of all, I know why they did not show a full performance in the trailer (who does anymore, anyway?), but that also means that the trailer doesn't really do it justice. When I watched the full performance I had to smile. There's some really clever thinking involved.

Breakdown: They write down a name, sign and keep the business card. You read their mind, describe the person, write down the name you "received" and show it to the participant's friends and then to the participant who then confirms you got it right.

Then you "hypnotise" the participant into forgetting the name. When they look at the card they held on to the entire time, it shows a name they have no recollection of writing down.

The experienced mentalist will get the basic method from watching the performance, so I was looking forward to the 30 min explanation (plus 5 min of alternate handling).

There is some good information about cold reading based on "the birthday question" from Oz Pearlman's "the Abyss" DVD (and I think we mentioned it in one of his Penguin lectures as well).

Unfortunately he doesn't even mention one thing that could cause problems. [edited to protect secret]. It could be a minor or major problem and there are no tips on how to prevent problems or handle them if they should arise. I'm sure this has been dealt with in other literature, but no mention of such sources either. Basically he ignores the issue completely, which is kinda sad. I really like the effect and with some information about handling the issue it could have been a 5* release.

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Sep 05th 2014 10:39pm
What I would do in the case of you describing something wrong about the person their thinking of is using peter turners wipe away technique.If you end up saying something that's not true and they say no,You just simply say "Oh nevermind" and move on.hope this helped.

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Sep 07th 2014 1:13pm
Tell the person to write the name in capital letters and you also write the force name in capital letters

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Sep 08th 2014 7:18am
Wonder what you do if you "can't" get them to "forget" the name.......

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Sep 09th 2014 10:01am
They don't forget the name, you just have to make them think they did

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Sep 09th 2014 5:00pm
I was trying to be secretive! What if their chosen name is the same as your selection - nothing to "forget".......?

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Sep 25th 2014 8:23pm
@rbuckspan: In that case you read their mind and stop it there (*). Again, he doesn't mention this in the video. These are just some things you have to be prepared for and that should be mentioned in the instructions.
(*) or go into his "speechless" with the chosen name instead of their own name. You can beautifully combine these two effects, but he doesn't mention that either^^

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