> Target Practice by Jay Sankey

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 27th, 2014
I got ride of a star because number one jay snakey didn't teach the effect and i enjoy his style. the trick is easy but it is a great packet trick to hold onto ive done several family party's were there are those old folks who know it all but enjoy to hunt and love guns i feel like this is a good connection peace that lets me bond with a different crowd i don't think this is for every crowd but when the moment strikes it is a killer and really takes up no pocket space if you manage right this is my first review but ive used it a few times on friends and public and it always gets a killer reactions if packet tricks are your thing or you want something to connect with a certain crowd this would be my go to effect if asked to show something. i always like to connect with the people i preform for and when in a situation were older folks laugh and think they know what iam going to do it definitely sets them off gaurd i think this is a must buy if you wondering what to get for the choose 5

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Jul 10th 2015 1:23am
Josh, please go back to school

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Mar 10th 2016 7:13pm
Wat due you meen? theirs nuthing wrong with his speling or gramer.he maks perfekt cents.

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Dec 28th 2016 7:23pm
Ha ha, you are funny, cyberave03 :-)

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