The greatest rubber band trick ever?

> Brent Braun presents The Miller Table Spread Pass

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 10th, 2015
it is sooo hard, and waaaaaaaaayyy over priced. waste of money. I hate it. I wan't my money back. It's a good trick but hard todo and over priced I should be worth $2.

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Apr 09th 2015 10:37am
Any type of pass is never meant to be a "card trick" in and of itself. A pass is more of a tool to be used in a variety of performance situations. Stay with it, you'll get it. You will then have something very valuable. Very few magi really take the time to bring a move to perfection or close to it. I learned how to juggle by staying in a room until I could make 5 complete cycles with 3 balls...Four hours later I emerged victorious!....above all, have fun with you're magic....Peace, Don P.

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Apr 16th 2015 5:25pm
I just think the above comment by DonP2011 was nice and encouraging . Its nice to see some compassion rather than just chewing out the reviewer , i tip my hat off to you Don....

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Jul 09th 2015 12:54pm
...damn noob its not a trick its a control...stick to the double undercut im sure you mastered that

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Mar 05th 2018 2:26pm
A bit harsh.... " Look to the good, and praise it....." not for me wold have curficed. Geesh

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