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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 15th, 2016
In a magic world where the term "worker" is thrown around non-stop, this release could get lost in that noise. Don't let that happen. You're not paying for a "toy" with this purchase. You're paying for smarts -- time-tested, real-world-performed, in-the-trenches, smarts. He has taken an effect where most have limited their thinking to a single aspect -- the shuttle pass dump -- and expanded it to an entire system of clever moves and convincers. It's beyond good.

This is a worker of workers. Beginner to intermediate skills required, nothing too taxing. Just so, so smart. And not, "LOOK! A clever method" smart. These are clever methods that form together for impact.

If you like your strolling magic lean (it's a MINI-altoids box), clean (NO gimmicks) and mean (this will HURT spectators' minds), get this.

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Jan 21st 2016 5:29am
Well, do you really need more of an endorsement than that?

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Jan 27th 2016 10:39am
One of the most cogent reviews I've yet encountered.

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Jan 27th 2016 6:28pm
If it is so great, why the funky editing at the moment of reveal AND you never see the load sequence. I have stopped listening to the "pro endorsements" out there...always the same. Time lapse sequences of a David Blaine wannabe sitting on a street or walking in the rain or screaming street persons then a 3 second glimpse of the effect... Why won't anyone show a full effect from start to finish unedited?
Certainly a rhetorical question... Because either the effect is weak, the angles are terrible, or it has been done many times before.
I grow weary of the instant download phenoms. It is $19.95 today and will be $5.95 as a cool box next week.

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Jan 29th 2016 3:10pm
I dought this one will end up in the cool box next week. I been doing card to a tin M&M for 15 yrs and bought Toibox just to see what was different from what I was doing and now I will be using Toibox.
There is a lot of info to do a lot of things with the box Plus he gives out 2 Great time tested routines with it.
Once I started watching the download I was like man he isn't showing the box empty. Then when I got more into it that is exactly what he does.
I searched 7 stores to find the tin I needed and haven't set it down yet because practice will need to go into it but is well worth it.
This is a TRUE WORKER!!

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Jan 30th 2016 12:45pm
Showing a complete routine would give away too much. That would not be fair to all the happy customers who have paid. But I understand your concerns. If it helps your decision I have had no complaints from anyone who has purchased Toibox. It's not a slick trick. It's a complete system of moves and routines that have been tested over and over under real world conditions over the last 2 decades. I hope you give it a try. You will be glad you did.

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Feb 16th 2016 4:52pm
Being able to watch something over again is a huge advantage. Even if it is completely flawless, no flashes, etc..... The procedure itself may allow you to figure out the method in a way that would not be possible. If you don't like that the full thing is not shown, then don't buy it, or try to see it done in person. But don't ask him to risk giving it to you for free, just so you can really know if you want it. The sad thing is that purchasing magic is almost always a gamble on whether or not it is practical for you. If you don't like this, that's on you, not the people who are trying to sell you their ideas.

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Mar 16th 2017 4:57pm
Over a year later and it has still not been scrapped to the coolbox rotation :-)

bbence, here is an idea, buy it for $20 and if you think there is something shady in the advertising (which there really is not in this one) BUT...
If you find it to be not as advertised, THEN write a bad review. Of course after a year or so of being released and 97 reviews - 95% are 5 star, 4% are 4 star. Although I agree with some of your points "where certain other effects are in question". Jonathan is above bar on his releases. I have really enjoyed it over the last year, even voted for it in the "Trick of the Year" on the Cafe. There are not too many effects released these days that people are still using a year later.

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Feb 27th 2019 6:04pm
And now it has been 3 years and STILL not in coolbox. It still has the 96%, 5 Star Ratings with 123 reviews and is still selling at $19.95! Case closed. This is a winner!

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Aug 01st 2020 11:35am
Four years now and no coolbox. I've just got back into the game and have been on a bit of a buying spree. I want this bad but after four years im afraid of seeing it half off tomorrow. Even though it seems teflon strong, if anyone knows: what are the odds of that happening just due to time?

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Aug 18th 2020 11:00pm
Decided to go and buy it yesterday and have been either practicing it or thinking about it all day today (about to start up again). Fantastic job mr.Kamm, thanks for releasing such a quality effect.

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Aug 20th 2022 5:28pm
"Why do you never see the load sequence"

LMAO you do. That's how good it is.

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