Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

> Bill To Marker by Nicholas Einhorn

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 22nd, 2016
All I can say is WOW! This truly is a worker, and something I will be using all the time, just like the nest of wallets. The gimmick itself is made very well, and should last a lifetime. The load for the gimmick is very quick and Nick shows you multiple ways of loading the bill, from the back pocket, to the front pocket, to the inside of your belt, etc.

To set up the gimmick is very simple and just like the nest of wallets, it can be done right in front of the spectators so this is very practical for walk around. It's like a bill in lemon or bill in kiwi for walk around. You get that shocking ending of their signed bill ending up in an impossible location, and the marker is perfect for this type of venue.

I've done card to impossible location like card in wallet/envelope, and I've done bill to impossible location as well like bill in orange/lemon/kiwi, however with those tricks, it is very easy to guess the climax once you produce the fruit. But with a marker that they just signed the bill with? NO CHANCE! They will NEVER see that coming. So this is literally a very astonishing revelation for your spectators.

I absolutely LOVE this effect, it is a real winner. If I had to give it one negative, it would be the replacements of the normal prop you get with this trick. Eventually you will run out, and once that happens, I haven't yet found a replacement site that sells these here in the USA. That said, it should last a very long time, but eventually you will need a new replacement.

Not for the gimmick, but the non-gimmick. Other then that, this is a 5 star product all the way and another winner from Nick. The price for this trick is a steal considering you're going to be using this every chance you get. I know I am. Add to cart, you won't regret it.

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Mar 28th 2016 7:35am
Im just curious have you found a place to buy the non-gimmick marker yet?

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Mar 31st 2016 12:00pm
The marker is very easy to find in europe.
Iam sure you will get it somewhere or maybe someone can ship it to you.
I don't know if the gimmick offers a solution to refill the ink but the original pen does.
So maybe you will just need to buy some ink?

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May 09th 2016 9:52am
The non gimmicked marker is available on Ebay, or Amazon. Price is about $27.00USD w/free shipping to the US.

A refill bottle of ink for the marker is also available for ~$11.00USD.

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May 09th 2016 9:54am
Oh...kinda important...the non gimmicked marker for $27.00 is for a quantity of 10ea ;-)

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Jul 08th 2018 10:37pm
Great 👍 thank you

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Jul 08th 2018 10:38pm
Great 👍 thank you

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