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> Little Door by Roddy McGhie

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 25th, 2016
I rarely write reviews.
Simply, there are just too many of the damned things.
And, YES, I actually paid for mine so I'm not obligated to post a glowing review, unless it is earned ;-)
That being said, sometimes, a trick is shown with a technique that is so 'perfect' and a result that plays HUGE to any/every audience, that I just have to sit down, type, and send "kudos and props" to the developer, Roddy McGhie.
Rarely do I 'gush' over an effect, but I love this thing.
In re: level of difficulty...
How hard is it to draw a box? A '1'...'2' maybe.
The handling is easy, and most importantly, the technique is very natural.
The gimmick(s) are of outstanding quality. They'll last a long time with normal care.
The initial gimmick 'load' is brilliant, and the 'steal' equally so.
Both 'moves' are quick to learn and are very forgiving as you learn. Even if you're not quite as smooth during your initial presentations, don't even sweat it. No one will notice.
Simply, no one is looking at what you're doing. They're just thinking about that damn door and that card you peeked at.
Then, when you 'erase' the door, total chaos results...
Most heard comment from my audience "...what the h*ll...
can I see the box?'
In my opinion, this is so good that I'm ordering an additional trick.
Roddy's teaching videos (a DVD and two online vids) are AOK. He addresses everything that you'll need to know to perform this fun, fun, fun trick.

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Jan 25th 2018 10:54am
I think you can do the trick without drawing and erasing. Just showing the Dior in the back, open, close, do "the nove", hand it to the spectator asking can you open? No I only got the key..

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Jan 26th 2018 2:45am
Actually the presentation is very fine.

Unfortunately just by looking at it its easy (for me) to understand how most of it is done. I haven't seen the loading, but the cleaning is noticeable and that should be reviewed by the author.
Once we see the "cleaning" you get the entire trick, as you can understand.

But its a nice story, it has a clear surprise when you "open the door" much like the "magic pencil" series for kids, and it is definitely something that I think people would love. ESPECIALLY children. You can port this technique to so many things...
Everything with a box, I'd say. Then one has to get another cleaning way but... it will do.

Best regards

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Dec 06th 2018 12:34pm
Certainly cool looking. Fun. And very clever.
But, the effect isn't entirely ended clean.
If you slow the video down you can clearly see the 2 moves he makes.
So my question is, once people examine the box, how many of them want to see the cards when you are done? If so, busted.
A bit expensive for only one gimmick and not even a deck of matching cards.
Appealing, nonetheless.
Am strongly interested in how many folks want to see the cards...

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Dec 04th 2019 3:15pm
In response to stewl's comments above, I've been performing this trick for a good while now and I have honestly never had anyone ask to see the cards. The focus is on the tuck box, and then only after the "little door" has been wiped away. I've had several people ask to see the box, but NOBODY has ever asked to see the cards. I like to use this trick when someone asks me to show them how to do a different trick. I'll offer to show them how a trick is done, then proceed to force the card that's in my little door (JC). I then cut the card to the bottom of the deck and say, "I don't know what it is, but I know where it is." Then I proceed with the little door effect to show them "how" the trick is done. Then, on the off-beat, I say "But the neatest part of the trick is when you erase the door, it vanishes."

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