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> Albo Deck Set by Michael Ammar

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 8th, 2017
This is a beautiful trick! You leave your spectator with an impossible magical souvenir! Very easy to perform, and, as Mike says in the instructional video, this is one of those tricks where, unbeknownst to the spectator, it's already done before you start. Very little sleight of hand involved, perfect for a beginner and good enough for a seasoned pro! I also have no idea why this doesn't have more reviews, this is a class act trick! This is great for performing for someone you want to leave a lasting impression on! Also a perfect street magic/ walk around trick.

Basically you have the spectator pick a card, tear a piece almost all the way off, and then let them finish the tear. They sign the card and you sign the torn off piece. Then, after a little patter, you magically and instantly fuse the piece back to the rest of the card, BACKWARDS. You give them the card to keep. It is one piece, no glue, no tape, it is definitely a magical souvenir.

Very little sleight of hand involved, and the sleight of hand that is involved is super easy.

Looks and performs great. Best of all, it is a Michael Ammar product and he is the one who teaches you how to do it in the video! Great product! BUY THIS NOW!

It comes with 2 decks, beautiful cards, slightly better than Bicycle cards. One deck is a normal deck, and the other deck has enough cards to perform the trick 28 times. You'll understand why there is 2 decks included when you watch the video. But, basically when you have used up and given out all 28 cards, you still have a beautifully designed Michael Ammar deck of playing cards!

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Mar 23rd 2017 1:30pm
A few questions, please. First off they look quite nice, and pretty much anything he produces is great. However, why would you print on the case, "Michael Ammar, Albo Deck set with 26 matching cards"? That just screams "fishy", no? Why not bicycle backs? Or atleast, NOT advertise that it's a funky deck right there on the case? Got a feeling it's more about ego and seeing his own name, and that's a real shame. Also, didn't see any refills available, so if I do the trick 200 times and have to rebuy the whole set several times, I wind up with multiple suspicious looking decks, with cases that clearly say "somethings up here" and can't be used in most other tricks that use bikes? I don't think they thought this one through enough. Seems minor, but details count.

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