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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 21st, 2017
Starting at the beginning, if you see Psypher performed that you will want to buy it. For me, the only downside is that it comes supplied with a Dry Erase pen. The Dry Eraseness has nothing to do with the method but does offer a presentation alternative.

That said, I wasn't comfortable with using Sharpies in other parts of my performances and then digging out a dry erase pen for this effect. (I say digging out because it doesn't come with a pocket clip.)

Then along came this add-on and I am a happy camper who can at times appear to read peoples thoughts.

However, there is a HOWEVER and it can be good or bad news. I think it's mostly good. This isn't a Sharpie pen. It's a Dry Erase pen disguised to look like a Sharpie. Same deal as in the first paragraph, it allows you to use an alternate presentation of Psypher. And, having a dry erase pen disguised to look like a sharpie may provide other uses besides.

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Nov 12th 2018 11:26am
There is actually another reason that it is a dry erase marker. I can not say here as it will reveal a little about the marker, but if you email me at I can certainly explain the need for it to be dry erase.

The added effect was actually a bonus to the fact that it's basically a need for a dry erase marker. It can be used with a normal Sharpie, though the writing looks HORRID and almost always brings notice to the method

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