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> Transfer by Alexander Marsh

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 15th, 2017
Alexander Marsh presents very useful get back with many applications.
The video shows the construction of the gimmick as well as many different uses for it both in sleight-of-hand style presentations as well as mentalism presentations. The instructions on making the gimmick are very straightforward and simple, no complicated arts and crafts involved.
The instructional video last approximately 20 minutes and is focused on construction of the gimmick and use of the giver, but it is important to note that no actual four performances are shown; if that matters to you. I believe that the video is sufficient without it, but I did want to point that out.
For any of you who already owns other bill changing affects, you’ll know that this is not something that can be handed out for examination. Then again, for those who use these kind of affects that’s really not an issue. But again, I wanted to point that out for anyone who is getting something like this for the first time.
Overall I think it’s a really neat idea, supposed to make, and has many different uses. I could see this being something it would carry around with you and could use on the spur of the moment for whatever type of affect was best at that moment in for that audience. So if you like what you see in the trailer, I’d highly recommend getting this.

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Sep 28th 2018 12:02pm
In watching the video, it seems like the audiences tell the story. There seems to be this, "Oh okay. We'll finish our drink and food now." People didn't seem impressed in the least, which is why I would not drop $20 on this trick.

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Sep 28th 2018 12:56pm
I totally agree. They seem terribly non-impressed.

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Sep 28th 2018 1:48pm
This is just a variation of Jay Noblezada's "5 and 1 Transpo"


Respectfully, Jay's presentation and banter is better...it flows better in my opinion ;-)
Check it out too.

Note: obviously, you can make the gimmick using any denomination of money.

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Sep 28th 2018 2:22pm
Oops...dummy me.
Obviously, I'm totally confused.
This trick is not a variation of Jay's effect. It's a completely different trick altogether. I should be ashamed...I have both of them.
I confused it with "Transfer by Zach Pattee"
My apologies!

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