> BioBender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Jones

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 9th, 2017
When I received this I was completely disappointed because it was already broken when I opened it, so I couldn’t even use it at all, I was a complete waste of money and this is my first coin bender device I hope the other one don’t but break right out of he box like this one, complete waste even though I love Eric Jones he needs to make sure his products don’t ship broken

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Mar 21st 2018 2:54pm
But Penguin has a GREAT return policy. You can easily get a full refund or store credit, here:


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Mar 30th 2019 3:04am
It only makes perfect sens to anyone that has an ounce of sense to at least attempt t o resolve an issue such as this one before reviewing the product so poorly.

No one here wants, nor cares to hear to hear about your whining before you even attempted to make things right with the supplier. We are here reading your reviews to get an idea of what you thought about the product itself. How well did it work, would you recommend it to others considering purchasing it.

How can you expect us to make a decent decision based on you r terrible (yet very easily solved issue) obviously this says nothing whatsoever about the product itself. Do you truly believe that Eric personally checked yours before it got shipped and and decided, to ship it to you anyway? Just to be a dick about it? How old are you?? Do you understand the concept of manufacturing, packaging, distribution retail etc,.. That's why Penguin is by far the best customer service you'll find, because if there's anything wrong they're the first to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase or they'll return your money if they can't make satisfied.

So just simply jumping into the review portion and shiting on any particular product simply because you skipped all the necessary steps to make your experience the best ti==it could be is just silly, and completely unfair to the creator.

In this medium we want to know of your experience with the item, how well was i t built, how well does it work in the real world when you are performing it,etc,.. Not at all do we care about your unsatisfied attitude about receiving a faulty product when that's something you could have completely dealt with before posting your useless poor review!

shit happens! Grow up and deal with it like an adult

`Sky "The Stealth"

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Apr 02nd 2022 4:22am
The customer spent their money to buy a product, the product arrived broken. What many people don't realise is that a product arriving broken is still part of the product cycle and part of the consumer experience.

If that experience sucked for them, then they are well within their rights to voice that frustration. If the product arrives broken, then yes, it is Eric's responsibility (not necessarily his fault) for his stock being delivered like that. Someone in the production line needs to recognise this feedback and act on it.

What isn't so grown up, is instead of helping a frustrated buyer find closure, is instead to sook about their review because it doesn't go into detail about the part of the consumer cycle "YOU" are specifically interested in.

Grow up you hypocrite.

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