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Kundalini Rising by Jeff McBride Perform the Rising Card Trick just like David Blaine, but unlike Blaine YOU can use a borrowed deck!
In stock. $13.50
Jeff McBride - The Art of Card Manipulation - Set (Vols. 1-3) - DVD Learn the inside secrets of PROFESSIONAL card manipulation from world famous Jeff McBride. Routines, sleights, productions, and flourishes are clearly taught and demonstrated!!! Highly Recommended!!!
Out of stock. $91.88
Jeff McBride - The Art of Card Manipulation - Volume 1 - DVD Volume 1 Contents:Thumb Fan and Closing a Fan; Pressure Fan; Charlier Cut; One Handed Fan - S Fan; Wink Change; Springing the Cards; Waterfall Shuffle; Cards from the Mouth; Riffle Palm; Blank Fan; Window Change; Ed Marlo Snap Change; Ken Brooke Single Production; Perfect Production; Snap Production
In stock. $27.26
REFILL for Butterfly Blizzard by Jeff McBride & Alan Wong - Trick Third generation paper butterfly created by Alan Wong for Jeff McBride's Butterfly Blizzard trick. "Alan's butterflies are the best on the market! The Butterfly Blizzard is a highlight of my full evening show... It will become a great addition to your show too!"- Jeff McBride, Creator of McBride's M
Out of stock. $11.25
Jeff McBride - The Art of Card Manipulation - Volume 2 - DVD Volume 2 Contents:Back - Palming - Single Production; Thurston Five - Card Vanish and Reproduction; Preparing the Cards - Best Cards to Use; Split Fan Productions; Front Hand Split; Cards From the Silk; Gloves and Cards; Body Loads and Steals - Clips - Vesting; Acquitments - Reverse Benson Move; Fly
In stock. $26.21
Jeff McBride - The Art of Card Manipulation - Volume 3 - DVD Volume 3 Contents:One Handed Shuffle; Triple Cut; Paul Draylin Cut; Butterfly Cut; Curly - Q Move; Auto Cut - Rolo - Deck; Boomerang Card; Card Spinning; Garcia's Eclipse Production; Card Production; Japanese Card Production; Del Rosso Buffo; Garcia's Million Dollar Production; Cardini's Cards and S
In stock. $26.21
Zoom, Bounce, And Fly by Jeff McBride - DVD Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBride's famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!...taught to you by one of the world's greatest teachers of magic!Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTERDVD Content
In stock. $29.96
McGrip Tip Super Card Shooter by Jeff McBride - Trick The best tool for card shooting. Jeff Mcbride has set world records using this secret device and it will help you gain distance and speed.
In stock. $9.00
Squeak Technique (DVD and Squeakers) by Jeff McBride - DVD Feel the Power of The Squeak!Make your sleight-of-hand more effective by adding a "Mc-Sqeaker." Jeff teaches you how to use this great gimmick to add laughs to your show. Filled with ideas, bits of business and sure-fire gags for creating your own comedy magic routines. Includes BRAVO! A Squeaky Cle
In stock. $39.95
Butterfly Blizzard (Props and DVD) by Jeff McBride and Alan Wong - DVD Paper Butterflies Come to Life, dance and float at your command, finally bursting into a rainbow snowstorm of color and majesty! You receive all props necessary to perform this lyrical effect, just as Jeff has performed it in his stage act for the past 15 years. Exotic Asian Fan 1 Dozen Paper Butter
Out of stock. $41.25
Revolution by Jeff McBride - DVD REVOLUTION: The Secret Of The Double Dancing CaneFeaturing The Vortex - 2 floating light staffs that dance and spin around the stage at your commandandSPIN-STIX: Whirling, Twirling Tornado Wands.A Revolution in the Evolution of the Dancing Light Cane.DVD ContentsDVD recommendations Types of canes to
In stock. $22.46
The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride (additional material by Lawrence Hass)- Book The Show Doctor is the first full-length book of magic from Jeff McBride, one of the great magicians of our time. The Show Doctor includes: Eleven of Jeff's previously unpublished routines, including stage illusions, stand-up routines, manipulation, close-up magic, cards, and mentalism. Revised vers
In stock. $45.00
Manipulation without Tears by Jeff McBride, DVD EffectSleight of hand magic is perhaps the most technically demanding of all areas of performance magic, and perhaps the most rewarding. One must have both drive and diligence to perform sleight of hand magic. I meet many magicians who have the desire to be a great manipulator, but they work on thei
Out of stock. $26.25
Magic At The Edge (3 DVD SET) by Jeff McBride - DVD BEYOND STREET MAGIC! FILMED LIVE ON LOCATION AT BURNING MAN AND LAKE TAHOE! The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world's largest art festival. It's Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in th
In stock. $74.99
Mystery School by Eugene Burger and Jeff Mcbride - Book An Adventure Into the Deeper Meaning of MagicFirst held in 1992, Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride's Mystery School promised to be a magic conference unlike any other: a group of magicians dedicated to seriously exploring the deeper sides of the art of magic. This event would not be held in a hotel or
In stock. $100.00
Abracadazzle! Jeff McBride, DVD You've seen bits and pieces of Jeff McBride's shows on major network television as part of such magic specials as The World's Greatest Magicians (NBC), Champions of Magic (ABC), The Art of Magic (PBS) and Mysteries of Magic (TLC), among many others. You may even have seen McBride's shows live. Now w
In stock. $22.50
Jeff McBride - A Magickal Life by Donna Zuckerbrot - DVD Imagine a magician who reaches into his hat to pull out the rabbit he previously hid there and finds himself not with a bunny but a unicorn. By the time Jeff McBride was a teenager he was appearing on national TV. Since then he has won world renown among lovers of magic and illusion. Whether gracing
In stock. $5.03
At the Table Live Lecture - Jeff McBride 2/11/15 - video DOWNLOAD Widely regarded as one of the greatest magicians alive today, Jeff McBride has done it all. From national TV performances to world records and starting the McBride Magic and Mystery School, Jeff has succeeded in every aspect of his career and will now be joining us for not one but TWO At the Table E
In stock. $24.95
At the Table Live Lecture - Jeff McBride 2/18/15 - video DOWNLOAD One of THE most knowledgeable magicians in the world will be stopping by not for just one, but TWO back to back events. One event will be dedicated to the close up performer. The other will focus on the stage and will be held at the McBride Magic and Mystery School, in Las Vegas, NV. Get a private a
In stock. $24.95
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Kinetic PK Ring (Black) Beveled size 8 by Jim Trainer - Trick
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