Hummingbird Reel by John Kennedy Make silks, dollar bills, etc. fly across the room with the world's smallest electronic reel!
Out of stock. $69.95
close-up pk stage street
Mystery Box by John Kennedy One of the best pieces of magic ever invented. Highly recommended!
Out of stock. $85.00
card close-up
The Stealth Retractor by John Kennedy Carry this in your pocket and you're always ready to perform impromptu close-up miracles!
Out of stock. $95.00
close-up levitation pk street
Impossible Matrix by John Kennedy Make three coins travel mysteriously one at a time underneath two playing cards.
Out of stock. $14.95
close-up coin vanish
Acrobatic Matches by John Kennedy A matchbox flips over on your hand, then the drawer slides open and a match jumps out and stands on the box!
In stock. $29.95
close-up levitation pk street
Flight Deck by John Kennedy Cover any glass with a deck of cards. Toss a coin toward the glass - it disappears and visually materializes with a loud clink inside the glass!
Out of stock. $298.00
close-up coin penetration stage street
Power Reel by John Kennedy Make silks, handkerchiefs, napkins and scarves fly around the room like ghosts! The Power Reel pulls in 80 feet (24 meters) of thread!
Out of stock. $98.00
Marble by John Kennedy - Trick John Kennedy has created a brand new gimmick that enables you to make an ordinary glass marble roll as if by magic! No threads, magnets, or electronics are used. This precision gimmick is durable and built to last. And it's so compact that you can store it inside your card box along with the deck! J
In stock. $29.95
John Kennedy's Card Thru Window You will love performing this stunner. Card through window. Audience through roof.
Out of stock. $245.00
card close-up penetration
Mystery Box 2 by John Kennedy A card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator, then shuffled back into the deck. Say, "I'm going to find your card in less than 5 seconds without even looking at the cards!"Hold the deck behind your back for a few seconds, then bring it out and say, "I found it! And guess where it is?" Point to
In stock. $69.95
box card-to
Animated Self Lighting Cigarette by John Kennedy One of the most amazing cigarette tricks ever imagined.
Out of stock. $64.95
cigarette levitation stage
Visual Broken & Restored Cigarette by John Kennedy VISUAL BROKEN & RESTORED CIGARETTE Looking for a highly visual, completely impromptu effect that is nearly angle-proof? Look no further than John Kennedy's "Visual Broken & Restored Cigarette."John has used this as one of his staple impromptu effects for nearly 20 years. Many professional magicians
In stock. $29.95
cigarette close-up restoration street
Super Coin by John Kennedy (DVD + USA Gimmick) Carry this revolutionary new coin gimmick and you'll have an entire magic show in your pocket!
Out of stock. $95.00
close-up coin dvd vanish
MOJOE 2.0 by John Kennedy A FULL cup of coffee VANISHES right under their noses! JUNE 8th 2016: NEW DESIGN, BONUS HANDLING. ORDER NOW AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $59.95
close-up coffee dvd rick-lax starbucks street vanish
Mind to Matter (Mind Power Deck by John Kennedy) presented by Rick Lax (CARDS INCLUDED) People will SWEAR you've actually read their minds. Concentrate and reveal thought-of cards with amazing accuracy! ALL NEW PRESENTATION BY RICK LAX. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $39.95
card close-up mentalism p3
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