Quick Change Book (For Men) by Lex Schoppi - Book Now Back in PRINT!The FIRST and ORIGINAL English books to contain material on magic costume changes ever published in the WORLD were written in 1911/1912 by Will Goldston. In 1911 he published "The Magicians Annual" and in 1912 in "Exclusive Magical Secrets" in which 5 different Quick Change methods
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Quick Change Bowtie by Lex Schoppi - Tricks The Fastest Bow Ties in the World Using the Quick Change Bow Ties, you are always in perfect position to insantly chane the color of your bow tie with lightning speed, using only one short movement with your right of left hand. You will be able to change the color of your bow tie up to 6 timrd, perf
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Card On Tie by Manuel Muerte and Lex Schoppi - Trick EffectThe magician riffles the deck of playing cards to the audience, the viewer says stop. The audience remembers the card. Immediately the decked is searched by the audience for their chosen card. It disappears from the deck and appears quickly onto the tie of the magician. This effect is based on
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Quick Change Tie by Lex Schoppi - Trick A tie changes color in a split second. After the color change the tie may be examined - and even worn by a spectator!The effect of a color changing tie is well known. Other principles are good as well, but in this version the tie MAY BE EXAMINED and is visually fit for a Gala. NEW Fantastic Fab
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Royal Casino Cummerbund by Lex Schoppi & Rich Stephens - Trick Authentic casino style: This Quick Change Cummerbund changes color instantly. A small movement and the color changes from black to red, and back again whenever desired. Endlessly repeatable, no setup required as each color change is the setup for the next. Start with red or black, the choice is your
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Quick Change Book Vol. 2 by Lex Schoppi - Book This is the sequel of QUICK CHANGE - rapid costume changes for men: In this specialty book you will gain a deep insight into the complexity of this quick change act and experience its creation in the form of a diary. The latest technical knowledge flowed into this presentation and is elaborately des
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Pimp Your Dummy (instruction manual) by Lex Schoppi - Books Can your slot jaw or latex doll look left and right or even blink? Many ventriloquists use soft puppets who cannot move their eyes. Dolls with the ability to move their eyes, have a rod or pole. These kind of dolls cannot bow their head or crumple their nose as against soft puppets. This feature all
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