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Mapping Miracles: Workable Ways to Meaningful Magic – Second Edition (A 220-page paperback)

A 220-page paperback book with 20 complete routines made up of 84 tricks and illustrated with 165 drawings. A free EXCEL spreadsheet is available upon request.
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Magic is far more than tricks! For your magic to amaze your audience, there are many facets that you must know. These are the real secrets that can make your performances more astounding and powerful!

This Second Edition expands on the concept and application of Outcome-Based Evaluation with more emphasis on Quality Control processes designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses and improve the magic you do. This structured and organized system is designed to help the serious magician advance to the professional level in a much quicker time period than typically happens.

“Ralph has created a great system for beginners and semi-professional magicians to evaluate their performances and improve on their craft. This book truly shines for those looking to make the transition into magic with the goal of becoming a professional. You can definitely improve your act if you take the time to apply the Outcome-based Evaluation system that Ralph outlines in this book.”
Maxwell Blade, ‘The Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic’

“Mapping Miracles is an excellent book for educators, business presenters, and gospel magicians. I use magic in university teaching and professional speaking. It’s allowed me to have a lot more fun and effectively raise my fees. Ralph Felder’s book is my new guide to update my material with fresh, captivating, and meaningful magic.
Ralph carefully categorizes multiple magic tricks that presenters in any profession can adapt to fit their messages. I appreciate Ralph’s clear writing style which allows beginners to learn the magic tricks well and present them in a convincing manner. Use your own imagination and mastery of your subject matter to adapt your message to your favorite tricks found within his well-illustrated book. Collaborating with your peers might also help you develop delightful patter to get your points across.
I highly recommend Ralph Felder’s Mapping Miracles to use as an inspiring instructional guide to take you to the next level with your presentations. Enjoy and prosper!”
Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP

"Ralph Felder has created a meaningful read for those interested in all aspects of magic. I found fun again as I looked at my old routines through the lens of his “Mapping Miracles”. Take some time to read and think about your routines in a different way. You may just find something you didn’t know you were looking for."
Magician Randall Eller





CHAPTER 1 - Focus on the Fundamentals
Goals and Motivation
Before the First Card is Drawn
Define Yourself
Your Core Show
Overcoming Anxiety
Know and Respect Your Audience
Pay Attention to Business
In the Spotlight
Controlling the Audience’s Perception of You
Exerting Leadership
Performance Enhancement

CHAPTER 2 – Resources and Methods for Learning
Books and DVDs
The Magic Community
Magic Conventions
Magic Competitions
Magic Performances
Online Resources
Learning Methods
Scripting and Rehearsing

CHAPTER 3 – Creating a Quality Magic Act
Mapping Miracles Concept
Outcome-Based Evaluation
The Application of Excel Spreadsheets
Developing Recovery Skill
Personal Experiences from an I.B.M. Ring 29 Survey

CHAPTER 4 – Creativity and Magic
The Role of Creativity
Developing Creativity
Challenge Assumptions
Recognize Patterns
View Things in New Ways
Recognize Connections
Take Risks
Try Random Variations
Creative Vs. Critical Thinking Skills
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Brainstorming: A Useful Creative Thinking Tool
Adapting the Same Concept to Different Venues
Creation of an Original Routine

CURTAIN CALL – Where Do We Go from Here?


LAGNIAPPE: 'Reflections'
Reflections from Jon Racherbaumer
Reflections from Lance Burton
Reflections from Joe Harrison

APPENDIX “A” - The Twenty Example Magic Routines
Two Dollar Bill Transformation
Wild Card
Illusion Scale
Bermuda Triangle
The Color Stripe Restoration
Upside Downside Soda
Anatomy of a Coin Retention Vanish
Three-Book Test
Miser's Dream
Cups and Sponge Balls
Sucker Die Box
Liquid Light Color Effects
Stiff Rope
Twentieth Century Silks with Energy
A Lesson in Misdirection by Slydini
Eight-Coin Transposition
Alchemist Coins with Silk Penetration
Hopping Corks with Hats
Miracles with Coins and Glasses
Sponge Ball Spotlight Routine

APPENDIX “B” – Magic in a Nut Shell
From Sorcerers to Super-Star Entertainers
Magic as Entertainment
Connections to the Afterlife (Modern)
Escape Artists
Magic Organizations
Types of Magic
Manipulation of Objects
Mental Skill Sets
Types of Magic Performances
Venue Defined
Content/Purpose Defined
Card and Coin


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