Learn one of John Bannon's favorite tricks. Use ANY deck, and it's self working! https://t.co/KP9Re..

Instantaneous Hypnotic Test Revealed by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD You don't have to be a real hypnotist to do this effect! Any magician or mentalist can apparently hypnotize anyone 100% of the time, even hardened skeptics. The famous stage magician, John Calvert, used this effect regularly in his big touring magic show. Devin Knight touched upon this effect briefl
In stock. $6.00
A Piece of My Mind (Digital) By Michael Murray (Instant Download) TARBELL AWARD WINNER - BOOK OF THE YEAR 2014
In stock. $60.00
FINAL COUNTDOWN by Raphael Czaja (Instant Download) Executable. Examinable. Explosive.
In stock. $4.50
Quintet in C Minor By Jes Hansen (Instant Download) Psychic Entertainmet for the 21st Century!
In stock. $20.00
A Game of Influence By Jes Hansen (Instant Download) Not "spectator as mindreader" but "spectator as muscle reader"!
In stock. $9.00
Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy (e-Book Download) Bring your ideas to market! Penguin Co-founder Maxwell Murphy takes you inside the magic industry!
In stock. $39.95
Anywhere Mentalism by Pablo Amira (Instant Download) Collection of impromptu, anywhere Mentalism. Casual, professional, close up or stage
In stock. $35.00
A Thought Stumbled Upon by Abhinav Bothra (eBook) (Instant Download) Unconscious Cognition with a deck of cards and two spectators.
In stock. $5.00
Nada by Pablo Amira (Instant Download) 4 routines of real world "Propless Mentalism"
In stock. $40.00
ACAANasta eBook DOWNLOAD by Pablo Amira Do you dare to try it? An ACAAN that finally makes sense! A thought of card... A thought of number... and most important, a routine that makes sense! ACAANasta is an approach from Pablo Amira's repertoire, inspired by the handlings and bold thinking from the master performer Chan Canasta. So many ti
In stock. $20.00
Star Sign Divination (Vol 9) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is Volume 9 of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass and this volume is about star sign divination. Peter Turner teaches you different methods to do the cleanest Star Sign Divination that you can imagine. The teaching is crystal clear no stones left unturned. In this eBook, you will find methods
In stock. $29.95
Instantea by Dan Alex - ebook DOWNLOAD Liquid Transmutation, a new and ingenious way to turn water into cold tea. Dan Alex thought this opening routine for the stage, and in Italy, more specifically Naples, in Campania, this effect has become a real mind-blower! The magician shows a plastic cup empty and clean, then a spoon and a bottle
In stock. $4.95
Character Building and Storytelling (Vol 8) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is the 8th Volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Master Class and one of the most interesting. This volume is about character building and storytelling. From one of the world's top mentalist this is probably one of the most valuable eBooks of information you can learn! In this volume Peter Turner
In stock. $29.95
Duet Revised - Expanded - Illustrated by Jack Kent Tillar (Ebook) The EASY way to entertaining two-person mind reading. With anintroduction by Francis Willard.No tedious codes or painful memory work! No electronics or impression devices! No apparatus or equipment required! No stooges or hidden assistants! Everything from impromptu parlor routines to full evening s
In stock. $20.00
Personal Magic by Eric Lewis - CD They were the work of passion, these three volumes, and they were beautiful. They revealed the finest of magic sifted from a lifetime of experience. They were unique. Typewritten by the recipient of the A.M.A. Literary Fellowship and author of over 26 books of magic. Filled with hand drawn watercolo
In stock. $22.46
Mentalism Notes by Dan Alex - eBook DOWNLOAD This is a new handbook written by Dan Alex.He wanted to put together three effects of mentalism modern izzati and make it feasible nowadays.You will find these three routines useful to carry in your show.No More ForceEffect:The mentalist shows a deck of 52 playing cards, he does cut the deck several
In stock. $4.95
How to Move a Mountain by Al Mann and Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD Is it possible to move a mountain, lake, shoreline or even an island? Al Mann and Devin Knight say, "Yes." In 1995, Al Mann wrote a rare treatise on how to do just these things. The few magicians, who read this, glossed over it, saying the ideas were impractical and pipedreams. The ideas may have be
In stock. $0.00

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