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The Watch by Joao Miranda (Chrome Classic)

Cutting edge mentalism for pros. Impossibly predict any time. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. FREE SHIPPING.
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The Watch is the final answer to the classic watch prediction effect, where the magician correctly predicts any named hour and minute, freely chosen by the spectator.

João Miranda and his team created the holy grail, where there are absolutely no assistants or stooges needed, and with a diabolical method that allows the performer to invisibly input any hour and minute, in less than 3 seconds and with absolute accuracy.

By the simple action of going to the pocket to grab any object, the time input is accomplished.

Take a look at the following features:

- 10 button key pad that the performer presses without even looking
- Remote feedback vibration
- The watch works as an everyday watch
- 15 second delay mode included that allows for a magical reveal
- Magnetic watch activation
- The remote has integrated battery level indication
- The watch battery lasts for over 1000 performances with one single charge
- The watch uses Swedish hybrid motors, which are the world's best
- Rechargeable batteries for both the remote and the watch

Besides all the above features, 4 original effects are fully explained: ACAAN, Time Lapse, Premonition, Objects Routine.

The Watch is a patent pending product (in both design and utility) in over 75 countries, including China and the United States of America.

TV rights are included with the purchase BUT the buyer must give previous knowledge written by e-mail to João Miranda Magic, at least 5 days before the TV recording.


1 - Does The Watch tell time?

Yes. You can use The Watch as your everyday watch for over 2 weeks with one single charge!

2 - What is the difference of The Watch when compared to other similar devices?

First it uses a keypad that makes it super easy to perform without the help of any assistants. Also, when the magician inputs the information on the remote the signal is sent every second until the watch hands move! This is a first on any electronic magic product making of The Watch the most reliable on the market.

3 - Does the magician needs to look at the remote?

No! The magician can easily feel the buttons in his pocket thru the fabric and press the buttons directly without hesitation. You will be doing it after right away once you try it out.

4 - How does the magician know the remote orientation in his pocket?

The button "0" was strategically placed isolated and bellow the other buttons. This is fantastic because the magician knows instantly that he is holding the remote in the correct position.

5 - What is the 15 seconds delay mode?

It is a special mode that allows the magician to be hands free if he wished to make a reveal. Example: the spectator says the hour 5.30, which you input in the remote. Then only 15 seconds later the watch hands will move. So, you can show them the wrong hour (the spectator will think the magician failed the trick) but then you pass your hand over the watch and the time is now correct! This is great for reveals if you want a more "magical transformation" of one time into another. In this mode at the 13 second mark the remote will vibrate so that you are left with 2 seconds to place the hand over the dial for the transformation. Everything is extremely well thought out.

6 - What is the maximum wireless distance?

6 meters (20 feet).

7 - How does the magician knows that the watch hands moved into position?

The remote vibrates giving the magician feedback. This is the beauty of this creation and why this effect is reliable. There is always communication and feedback from and to the watch and the remote.

8 - Can the magician perform other effects than predicting time?

Yes! Take a look at the ACAAN performance. It really is a great and original routine. Or the Objects Routine where the hands are pointing to any selected object.

9 - If I order two watches will the remotes communicate with both watches?

No. Each watch we sell is individually programmed meaning that only one remote works with one watch. We did this to prevent issues if there is in the area more than one magician performing the same effect.

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I WISH I COULD GIVE THIS 10 STARS! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 29th, 2019
(This review is for The Watch by Joao Miranda)
I have always said that I would be more than willing to pay a higher price to get a quality made magic prop. Well, I finally got my wish. Most magic props are made by the lowest bidder, and they are poor quality, or just plain cheesy and hard to work with, but not this one. Do some research, and you will find this is a really high quality, well-made apparatus.

If you have ever seen the Hot Rod trick you know that most magic gimmicks rely on the simplest possible explanation, and not something cool like color changing LEDs in a clear plastic stick, but this watch is the coolest most hi-tech gimmick you will ever see. Even when you know how the trick works, it is still amazing. It reminds me of the trick with the four light bulbs and the four switches called The Magic Switchboard. They are both innocent looking objects that hide a technological marvel but when I used to perform The Magic Switchboard, the reactions were just so so. However, with this watch, the reactions are off the charts. I did the watch trick for the waitress at Denny's and she screamed so loud, I had to go to the other tables and do the trick again so that everybody could see what all the commotion was about.

Plus, it's stylish and keeps accurate time. So, I can wear it in place of my other watch, and I always have a great trick with me.

I hope everybody buys this trick to encourage other manufacturers to make good quality props like this.
4 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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Slick and solid Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 20th, 2019
(This review is for The Watch by Joao Miranda)
The remote vibrate sound is not an issue, much quieter than I was lead to believe. The vibrate is highly useful and properly tangible. You may not understand just by looking at it but the phone dial remote is crazy easy to use. You learn it immediately and intuitively and it is tactile enough to avoid slip ups.

I personally have ordered myself a two tone metal band (black and chrome) as I don’t find the strap comfortable. It looks nice but I need a band that is loose and hangs just my preference. Plus I think it dresses it up some and adds weight.

Compared with my original watch for this effect this is a dream come true.

And one more thing I have not found activating the watch to performance mode to be fussy at all. Easy quick pass with my little you know what and off we go.

Joao really did this right especially down to having the guts to keep it with a very plain face, much needed to really fool em.
4 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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Solid product, decent trick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2019
(This review is for The Watch by Joao Miranda)
Overall this is an impressive piece of craftsmanship and will allow you to perform temporal predictions in the fairest possible manner. If the effect excites you, the price point should not be prohibitive, so I would absolutely recommend buying this.

That all being said, I've found from performing this many times now that it isn't quite as impactful as you might think. I have yet to be caught, however I've noticed when I perform for people who are technologically savvy, they basically come to the conclusion that the watch is special and you have some way of inputting the time secretly. Again, this has nothing to do with the presentation and everything to do with the fact that there really isn't any other explanation. For the average person this gets pretty good reactions, and even the engineers I've performed for still really enjoyed it, but I've found the impact overall is diminished by virtue of the fact that many smart people know what's going on even if they don't catch the input method or can't see anything obvious about the watch. I had one guy say, "That's kind of a thick watch, I bet you could fit some fancy electronics in there."

I'm going to try to find ways to incorporate this into other effects or find a use that isn't simply a prediction of a time/date as a stand-alone effect. My hope is that making it part of a bigger routine will take attention away from the method.

Additionally, when I received the watch, the small metal piece that is used to set the time on a normal watch (which is supposed to come glued into place) was detached from the watch and could not be connected without some form of glue. While that wasn't a huge deal, I definitely expect a product at this price point to come without any problems and the first thing I do with it shouldn't be a repair.

The input device vibrates pretty loudly and the watch itself makes some audible noise as the hands move into place, but of any normal amount of ambient noise will be more than enough to cover that. I haven't had any problems with sound even indoors with just a few people.

The method of input can be hidden pretty easily, and as I've indicated I have never been caught, even when doing it pretty blatantly. The feedback mechanism is very useful and I've only had one mishap, which was my fault for not making sure I felt the feedback. I also managed to screw up the positions of the hands before performing the effect for the first time, but resetting it and tweaking the positions of hands was easy enough that I snuck away for five minutes and was up and running again.

Great trick, probably needs some thought as to how it fits into your routine, but if you like the idea, jump on it, you won't be disappointed!
3 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
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Don’t hesitate... GET THIS! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 15th, 2019
(This review is for The Watch by Joao Miranda)
I have been looking for something that’s reliable and this is it! I owned that other watch, I wont say the name here but it rhymes with Smirner. That watch was not reliable so I threw it in the dumpster. Joao Miranda has made a beast!!!!! It hits their chosen time everytime... Get it! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.
3 of 4 magicians found this helpful.
Did this review help you? 5 comments
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