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Holes by Mario Tarasini (Instant Download)

Tricks with holes!!!
Price: $19.99
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.
In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.

The magician shows a card with a hole in it. He grabs the hole and streches it! After a moment the hole morphs back to its original shape!
But that is not all!!!
The magician slowly peels the hole from the card - the hole becomes a sticker and the card is solid.
Both sides of the card can be shown. The hole just disappeared…
Additional supplies may be needed in order to perform the effect.

Zoom In

Zoom a small hole on the card to a big one, like pictures in your smartphone, then flick your fingers and the hole will disappear...
Now you can show both sides of the card... The hole has disappeared completely...
This trick is designed for social media, but it works in real life as well.
The gimmick is super clever. I promise you, you will be amazed, when you see how the gimmick works...
- No magnets
- No stooges
- No gadgets
Just a card with a hole.

Speed Hole
The magician shows a card and a black circle.
In front of the spectator's eyes the circle jumps on to the card and turns into a hole!!!
After the trick the card with a hole becomes normal again without any gimmicks or flaps!!!
You can give the card to the spectator as a souvenir.
Additional supplies may be needed in order to perform the effect.
Lava Hole

Show a card with the hole, shake it and a hole will jump to another location, but this is not the end! After this you can peel the hole like a sticker. Now your card looks completely normal!

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