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Frozen In Time NEW EDITION by Katsuya Masuda

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Masuda's Legendary masterpiece, Frozen in Time, is finally back.

Time NEVER stops!

In 1998, Masuda performed this magic on television for the first time ever.

This outstanding magic seriously produces a deep impact on your entire audience. Even other magicians will not believe what they have just seen in front of their own eyes.

The reveal is a very shocking moment -- people have never seen this kind of magic before.

Frozen in Time never been frozen... Back by popular demand, with its brilliant design and fine texture.


Place a photo frame containing a picture of a pocket watch, on the table, facing down.

Now, ask the spectator to name their favorite hour.

Then, the photo inside the photo frame is revealed... The time on the watch in the photo exactly matches the spectator's chosen hour...

A prediction using a photo, which is as known as an untransmutable object, has a huge impact.

This photo frame is thick and super-clear acrylic. A real screw (not an imitation) is used to securely secure the frame on each corner.

Because of its luxury appearance, this is a first class item even as an interior accessory.

We're proud to be announce that Frozen in Time New Edition has the highest quality in terms of appearance, mechanism and, most important of all, structure.

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New Image. Same Gimmick and Quality. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 20th, 2019
I loved the original version of this and think the update, as minor as it may be, is necessary and long overdue. If you have the original version, the method/gimmick for the new one is exactly the same. The old version had an image of a watch face that was partially blocked at the bottom, (6 o’clock), part of the watch face. This new version shows the entire watch face. The old version had a black sticker on the slip case that hid the watch face. This new one has no sticker and you have to cover it with your fingers. Believe it or not, I actually think this seems more organic. Because of the position of the watch face and the full face being shown, the “beginning” setting on this is slightly different than the old version. Doesn’t take anything from it. It’s just a different starting point. What would’ve been a cool addition to this re-release, at the original’s price point, would be multiple new presentation suggestions that could explain why you have a photo of an old watch in an acrylic case. The original one was on a post card and looked more like a “real” photograph. This one is a watch on a map and, honestly, the map looks less like a photo and more like a stock internet image. I’d have preferred a better background that lends credibility to the image. So this is a great improvement, but without additional presentation suggestions and the lack of a better, more credible background that lends itself to better story telling/justification, this new version gets 4 stars. The idea, the method, and the quality, though, are still top notch.
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Frozen In Time NEW EDITION by Katsuya Masuda Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 27th, 2019
I owned an older version and it just did not work well. I only tried it once as it was not reliable. This one works very easily and every time. Though expensive, it I bought it to remember my grandfather, who willed me his pocket watch 55 years ago. Thanks you Mr. Masuda for making this trick.
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