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Tarbell 14: Novel Card Mysteries (Instant Download)

These Novel Card Mysteries can dress up any show by making your magic just a little bit different.
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One of the secrets to becoming a successful magician is to have novelty, variety, and perform mysteries that are a bit out of the ordinary.

This is especially true when performing card magic in a stand-up situation. The larger your audience becomes, and the further away from them you are the more important it becomes to make your routines play big with unexpected visual elements.

For example, the first trick, although it's just a way to find a selected card, is one of Dan's favorites whenever he sees someone wearing the right kind of hat.

Dan will also show you a reputation-making combined restoration, transposition, and impossible location trick Dan has featured in his shows for many years.

You'll learn a family-friendly version of communicating with a powerful mythical figure to solve a sticky situation.

And finally, a fresh fruit dessert conveniently pre-sliced and loaded with minerals that proves you don't have to eat a banana to have fun with it.

By the end of this lesson, you will see that these Novel Card Mysteries can dress up any show by making your magic just a little bit different.

Tricks Included:
- Snap It
- The Card and Orange
- The Devil’s Letter
- The Bewitched Banana

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Interesting presentations plus 1 good non-card effect Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 30th, 2014
First, Tarbell 14: Novel Card Mysteries suffers like all Penguin downloads from (1) the same lack of a volume control on the Penguin viewer that all Penguin downloads (and demo videos) suffer from, and (2) no table of contents, or even list of what magic is included in the download description. Penguin should address these for all downloads.

There are 4 or 5 tricks on this download - again no TOC so I can't go back can check easily. Dan Harlan does a good job of presenting old effects in a new way. The last, non-card effect, is maybe the best: the old beginner trick where a banana is magically sliced into pieces despite still being in its peel. Dan adds something to the presentation (which is optional), and suggests equipment for doing the preparation easily. Having the spectator be the 'slicer' rather than the magician is a great idea, especially for kids shows.

Dan's lifelong experience is felt, as he slips in details here and there. One of these is a fix for the rare time when using a forcing deck might go wrong, and is really great and something I expect to use. However in one explanation Dan says to force a card, and only suggests that he will explain his favorite force later, which is NOT in this download. Dan could have at least said the name of his force.

The explanations are long and detailed. The longest effect is an unsigned card to orange effect. Dan does not say anything about using oranges v. the more common lemons - such as more space for a card, kids love bananas, or that you could at least eat a banana afterwards. One of the last card effects, frankly, involves too much preparation for the effect you get out of it, and Dan all but sort of says so himself.

So overall, given the overdue fixes Penguin should make, cost, and slightly over 1 hr length, I give this download 3 stars, although Dan Harlan gets 5.
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Solid tricks Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 21st, 2020
Dan does a great job as usual. Unfortunately, this chapter is thin on the the number of effects. And the effects aren’t great, but they are good.

You do learn the best method for having a banana secretly sliced into pieces while still whole. When the spectator peals the apparently ungimmicked banana, it falls into a number of clean pieces.
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