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50 Fifty (DVD and Gimmick) by Brian Kennedy

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Created by Brian Kennedy, 50Fifty is an incredible stage illusion that you can perform in close up conditions.

A freely selected card is signed and then placed into a card case.
Two other cards are used as blades and used to divide the card case in half.

In a moment of pure close up theatre the box is parted leaving a visual work of art for your spectators to take in.

The card is signed and inside the box throughout!
Everything can be immediately examined.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2015
For those of you in a hurry, this is not worth the effort involved to produce the product: your $38 could be better invested elsewhere. Mr. Kennedy has a fine idea, at one time even I thought of creating an illusion like this: he did a fine job up to a point. He gives you pieces to make one gimmick: IF you are lucky enough to produce one the first time around to your satisfaction: which I was NOT able to do. You get small strips of plastic for reinforcement, two small magnets, and a DVD that I will address later on.
I am very adept with my hands (if I do say so myself) and actually enjoy making magic gimmicks. However, this project became terribly frustrating! I destroyed 4 card boxes (you have to provide at least 2 identical card boxes to make this), so now I have 3 complete decks of cards without a home. It took me nearly 3 hours to finish the project, albeit I did start over again at one point because the product was looking to sloppy (un-professional). My final product did not look much better. As a matter of fact the final product just did not impress me at all so I have already put it away never to use again. It is too finicky a item and not all that durable, even after all the reinforcing and cutting and pasting you have to do!
The DVD was okay, but not great. His demonstration of the trick in public was heavily edited and split between groups of women.The funny thing is the girls he showed it to did not seem to GET what he was trying to do, at least not right away. It is not good if you have to explain what just happened...I don't think. It is NOT an easy illusion to pull off even if you make the gimmick right: the physics are just not correct for this. It surprises me that this was even brought to market in its present form.
Mr. Kennedy's accent is nice sounding but hard to understand at points: like when he was given measurements to use (not good).At other times he gave NO measurements and I had to guess at the size things had to be cut.
I was amazed with one thing though. You have to use super glue a fair amount, and not once did he glue his fingers together, not even once!! I had to keep a bottle of acetone beside me because I was getting glued to everything! Very suspicious if you ask me.
Bottom line, this is way to expensive for what you get. The IDEA and CONCEPT are great.I do not think this is the best way it could be done though. I made it because I bought it, but i will never use it. Sorry.
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