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Mindfreak - Complete Season 4 by Criss Angel - DVD

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The hit A&E series CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK once again stretches the boundaries of reality and belief in this thrilling fourth season. Criss Angel's incredible illusions, death-defying escapes, fearless demonstrations and astonishing physical feats have made him the first ever five-time back-to-back recipient of the Magician of the Year award. His visionary approach to the art of magic rejects the traditional confines of the craft and gives birth to an edgy new brand of modern mysticism. In this fourth season, Criss Angel tackles feats that defy the laws of nature. Highlights include a live broadcast of his escape from a building seconds before it implodes, walking across Nevada's Lake Mead, being cremated alive, walking through steel and inviting skeptics to join in on a deadly challenge in which one wrong move could cost Criss his life! Each episode will leave you baffled as Criss Angel executes the most innovative magic ever seen on television. Now, experience all 18 death-defying episodes for the first time on DVD.

BONUS: Featurettes: Behind the Scenes and Additional Footage

Season 4 episodes:

  • 7/23/08 Walk on Lake (#79-80) (1-hour ep)
  • 7/30/08 Building Implosion Escape (#67/68) (1-hour ep)
  • 8/6/08 Skeptic (#69)
  • 8/6/08 Nail Gun (#77)
  • 8/13/08 Barrel Drop (#76)
  • 8/13/08 Cremation (#70)
  • 8/20/08 Spirits of New Orleans (#86)
  • 8/20/08 Escape Over Bourbon Street (#87)
  • 8/27/08 Impenetrable (#78)
  • 8/27/08 Close Up (#71)
  • 9/3/08 Premonition (#81)
  • 9/3/08 In Your Face (#72)
  • 9/10/08 Mindfreaking With the Stars (#83)
  • 9/10/08 Tronik (#73)
  • 9/17/08 Billionaire Prediction (#82)
  • 9/17/08 24-Hour Birthday Bash (#75)
  • 9/24/08 Car Wreck Vanish (#84-85) (1-hour ep)
  • 10/1/08 Silverton Final Attempt (#74) (Season Finale)

Volume 1
  • WALK ON LAKE: Following the dramatic presentation from Season 2, Criss takes his patented walk on water demonstration to the next level in front of thousands of unsuspected fans at Las Vegas' Lake Mead.
  • BUILDING IMPLOSION ESCAPE: In one of the most dangerous stunts ever broadcast live, a shackled and handcuffed Criss will attempt to escape from an iconic Clearwater, Fl hotel before it implodes into a mountain of rubble.
  • SKEPTIC: Blindfolded, Criss challenges skeptics to lead him to the edge of four elevator doors, one of which hides an empty shaft. The result if he chooses the wrong door...DEATH.
  • NAIL GUN: Criss will attempt to catch a razor-sharp nail traveling 1400 feet per second. Criss also gives a tour of his warehouse to Loyals, culminating in the cutting off of a fan's hand with a jigsaw after placing him in a hypnotic state.
  • BARREL DROP: Criss, manacled 100 feet in the air will attempt to make his escape from a securely bound wooden box. If he doesn't break free in time, he will fall to his death at incredible speeds.
  • CREMATION: Criss undergoes two terrifying ordeals before horrified onlookers: live cremation and an accidental impalement by a warehouse forklift.

Volume 2
  • SPIRITS OF NEW ORLEANS: Criss takes his show on the road and amazes local New Orleans residents by putting them in hypnotic trances. Criss also miraculously transports a hitchhiker from the street to a car and predicts the one word a fan has chosen from a random book.
  • ESCAPE OVER BOURBON STREET: Still in New Orleans, Criss must escape from two straight jackets while shackled and hung upside down over thousands of spectators on Bourbon Street. For his help in promoting tourism in the area, Criss receives one of the highest honors the city can award.
  • IMPENETRABLE: Criss attempts to make his way through a welded shut oil drum, held down by the weight of a manhole cover. Will he be able to melt his way through his metal confinement?
  • CLOSE UP: Just inches away from people's eyes, onlookers are stunned as Criss blows their minds with the purest form of magic...close up. Watch as not even the eye-in-the-sky casino security staff can detect the speed of his hands.
  • PREMONITION: Using his powers of the mind, Criss moves objects in the middle of a hotel lobby amongst a crowd of amazed onlookers. He then sets up an unprecedented interactive experiment with the home viewing audience.
  • IN YOUR FACE: Things heat up as Playboy's "Girls Next Door" pay a surprise visit. Criss amazes them with outrageous card moves proving to the girls how fast the master mystifiers hands really are. He also leaves something behind at Luxor for visitors of Vegas to see for years to come.
  • MINDFREAKING WITH THE STARS: Criss teaches illusions to celebrity guests including Ted Nugent, Elvis Costello, and Anthony Michael Hall. Some of the secrets behind the tricks are even revealed to the home viewing audience.

Volume 3
  • TRONIK: Criss channels his inner child and transforms a toy Hummer into a sick, custom, full sized SUV. He also solves a Rubik's cube by simply throwing it into the air, and builds a robot that miraculously comes to life.
  • BILLIONAIRE PREDICTION: Not even one of the most powerful businessmen in the world can keep secrets from Criss! Sir Richard Branson is amazed by how Criss can reveal insights about his personal life and predicts events before they take place.
  • 24-HOUR BIRTHDAY BASH: Join in the fun as Criss' family, crew and celebrity friends try to keep him in the dark about a huge surprise party they're throwing for him. Part of the festivities: never-before seen magic tricks and hilarious bloopers.
  • CAR WRECK VANISH: Criss, handcuffed inside of a car filled with explosives, is set racing downhill with the possibility of plummeting to his death. Will he be able to get out in time?
  • SILVERTON FINAL ATTEMPT: An underwater escape last year almost cost Criss his life. This season Criss will attempt to escape from a locked kennel, submerged deep down within an aquarium. Criss will have but one breath to escape the challenge that almost cost him his life one short year ago.
BONUS: Featurettes: Behind the Scenes and Additional Footage

Running Time Approximately: 7hr 42mins Total

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Official B_Magic review! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 6th, 2010
Hi. This is your official PenguinMagic reviewer, B_Magic.

The Mindfreak series, especially the first few seasons, are enjoyable to watch for the most part. Keeping personal feelings about Criss Angel's magical talents aside, I think it was fun to watch the series and to get a look at what laymen are watching and comparing other magicians to. At the very least, I found it educational to know something about the show and to have something to reference when spectators I perform for bring him up.

Is his show going to knock your socks off? Probably not. In fact, he may well make you mad! LOL. But I found the show to be something fun to do when bored, and has better helped me to relate to my audiences. And, I daresay, I may have learned a little something about self-promotion and presentation by watching.


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Entertaining Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Criss Angel is doing what many would aspire to do. He has taken A&E by storm and it is amazing how many people ask if you like him when they see you perform. He is very good and has a style all his own like it or not. The seasons are very entertaining and provide perspective when watching him perform. If you like Criss Angel you will want the Mindfreak Seasons at your finger tips.
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YEA! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
Criss is the man! He has already done 3 seasons before this one and still manages to come up with more amazing ideas. He has gone backwards since season 3 though this is still worth watching and defiantly not my least favorite season. His famous walking on lake illusion is in this season and is a lot better the the pool one in season 2.
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Hope you enjoy Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
The only reason for get the Season 4 would be if you actually watched every episode when A&E aired it,
and you fell in love with it.
If you haven't started out this way, go back to Season 1 and start chronologically from there.

Four episodes really stand out for me in this season:

Walk on Lake - The scenery was really beautiful, and the fact that he went further with his Walk on Water theme came out with some amazing results.

Building Implosion Escape - You had to watch this live to really appreciate it. I really thought he was dead when that building went down. My heart was in my throat and I was insane while the whole thing was happening. It scared the dingle berries out of me. I still get chills watching it, even now, because I know how I felt while it was happening. I reflected quite a bit after this episode and it was an eye-opener for me.

Car Wreck Vanish - This episode would have been just as scary, if not more so, then the Building Implosion episode if it had been live. It was the first time an episode of Mindfreak ended on a scary note. Even though these episodes were mainly pre-taped and they weren't taped in the order that they were aired, this episode caused Criss to have to post a response on his Myspace page as to his safety, it caused so much chaos.

Silverton Final Attempt - Anyone who follows Criss' career knows that he doesn't have luck with underwater demonstrations. He tried Silverton once before in Season 3 and he was forced to cancel right before the event. It was almost humbling to see him wrestle with his demons here and to come out conquering them. It wasn't just humbling - it was inspiring and touching. This episode was almost as organic as ones in his previous seasons that it was almost out of place here.

Season 4 is far from being bad. However, it pales to every other season he has done thus far. He is the one who makes this show, and he's missing pieces of himself.
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