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Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - DVD

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  • Reveal the TWO OF DIAMONDS and then the ACE OF HEARTS!
  • Includes the ingenious DECK, full-length DVD + 2 awesome BONUS TRICKS!
  • After showing a pack of cards RIDDLED with holes, have a card selected. Then, with just a shake of your hand, have the identity of the card revealed in a visually SHOCKING manner!
  • The PULP FICTION pack is 100% self-contained. There's nothing to switch-in. Nothing to switch-out. And absolutely nothing to HIDE.
  • The entire pack can be closely examined before AND after the amazing effects.
  • Only basic sleight of hand is required.
  • The ingenious PULP FICTION deck does most of the 'work' for you!
  • Resets in 5 SECONDS!
  • You can even immediately REPEAT THE EFFECT with a DIFFERENT SELECTION!
  • Use Jay's 'J.D. Warm-Up' idea with the pack to reveal a THIRD SELECTION!
  • Learn the the 'Slow Motion Reveal,' the 'Card Case Reveal,' the 'In The Spectator's Hands' Reveal and the 'Flash Reveal.'
  • Jay teaches you his 'Stand-Up Performance' handling so you can perform the effect for LARGER audiences. Jay also shares gags he developed with the 'PULP FICTION' pack that always get a BIG laugh + valuable tips on handling the very special deck of cards!
  • The 'PULP FICTION' DVD also includes two lethal BONUS EFFECTS! The startling 'PUNCHED TRANSPO' routine + Jay's extremely dramatic 'BLADE RUNNER' effect (inspired by Max Malini's classic card stab effect!)
    You hand-out for examination a Two and a Jack, calling them 'marked' cards. But actually, the Two has a big '2' hole punched right through it, and the Jack has a big 'J' punched through it as well. So the markings are not quite what you would call 'subtle!' After a bit of very funny 'monte bits' where you move around the two face down cards on the table and challenge people to 'guess' which card is which, you ask them to cover either card with their hand (and it really is a free choice.) A moment later, you announce that you 'just caused the two cards to change places.' Nobody believes you. Especially because, thanks to the large '2' and the large 'J' punched through the cards, everybody knows EXACTLY which is which. But when you ask them to turn over the cards...people LOSE THEIR MINDS because the '2' is now punched through the Jack, and the 'J' is punched through the Two!!! And again, both cards can be closely exmained! 'PUNCHED TRANSPO' comes complete with a specially printed Bicycle brand playing card and is only available as a FEATURED BONUS EFFECT on the 'PULP FICTION' DVD!

    Someone peeks at a card in the pack. Asking the spectator to 'ignore your mind and follow your feelings,' you have her select 7 cards from the pack (and they really ARE free choices.) Those 7 cards are wrapped in a paper napkin and you pull a large nail out of your pocket. You mention that 'it's possible that which ever card you are thinking of is one of the 7 cards, and we are goig to find out with an act of violence.' You push the point of the nail against the very center of the napkin-wrapped packet of cards, and then slowly work the nail DOWN THROUGH all 7 cards until the packet is neatly SKEWERED on the nail. You ask the spectator to concentrate on her card. With a single, upward YANK you tear the nail up through the cards, up through the napkin. Only ONE CARD remains impaled on the nail. The other 6, badly torn cards are dropped to the table (and can be examined.) You ask the spectator to name the card she has been concentrating on. You slowly turn the face of the card (still skewered on the nail) towards the soon-to-be-shouting audience...Jay has been refining 'BLADE RUNNER' for years. It used to involve a switch of the napkin-wrapped packet. GONE. Then for a while it involved a method where the 6 torn cards couldn't be closely examined. GONE. Now, it's an unusually practical, extremely THEATRICAL routine powerful enough to close any close-up or stand-up show with a BANG. 'BLADE RUNNER' is only available as a FEATURED BONUS EFFECT on the 'PULP FICTION' DVD!
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    Pulp Fiction- Bad Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 26th, 2010
    (This review is for Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - DVD)
    Bought this and I must say- WOW am I disappointed in Jay Sankey for this one. Not only is the trick bad but the deck you get does NOT look like the one in the demo. For example- when Jay is thumbing through the deck to show the spectator- the first few cards are shown with a bunch of random un-symmetrical cut-out designs in the cards- well when I got my deck- there are only 3 different design cut-outs each of them symmetrical- divided up evenly throughout the deck. False advertising at its best! Not to mention- when I reveal my card- the diamond shape does NOT look like a diamond shape. At least the bonus effect are OK. Jay- why? Doesn't even deserve one star!
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    Previous Review Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 24th, 2010
    (This review is for Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - DVD)
    If you watcheed the DVD, you would have seen that he says that you have to make the holes yourself. with a straightblade or an exacto knife...duh. Pulp Fiction is the best! spectators love the screwed up deck and always laugh at the gags Jay shares on the DVD. The bonus effects he was going to release as seperate items. they are that strong. I use a 3 effect. Pulp Fiction is in my top 10 card tricks with Invisible deck and Paperclipped. My top 20(in order) card tricks:
    1)Ambitious Card
    2)Bigger Finish
    3)Invisible Deck
    4)Paperclipped ( aka #%*@!)
    5)In Case Of Emergency
    6)Pulp Fiction
    7)Resistence is Futile
    8)The Blackpool Effect
    10)Third Eye
    11)Mix Master
    12)Mercurial Prediction
    13)Fade Away
    15)Hide Keep and Give Away
    16)The Disappearance
    17)Terra Unfirma
    18)Out of Control

    Pulp Fiction is in the TOP 10.
    I use it at every show. Have performed it for people...around 100 times already. Every time it got either a gasp,a scream,someone go "WOW!!",the spectators eyes get wide open,or just a complete silence of pure amazement.
    Why wouldn't you perform this effect?
    Instant Reset
    Almost self working
    Very little sleight of hand
    High visibility
    Packs small
    2 revelations
    2 bonus effects
    both bonus effects are easy to do
    both bonus effects require little sleight of hand
    both bonus effects are visual and fun
    both bonus effects have very ususual images at the end
    both bonus effects have everything examines at the end
    Pulp Fiction has many different ways to reveal the card
    Pulp Fiction is able to be examined
    Pulp Fiction DVD explains all needed sleight in full detail
    Jay explains ways for performing Pulp Fiction in stand-up
    Jay explains how to do the effect in the spectators hands
    Jay xplains the psychology of why to name the card out loud
    Jay discusses how to reveal both cards in different or the same way
    Jay shows how to incorperate 2 predictions with your business cards and a dollar bill as a "bet"
    So,ways to incorperate your business card,immedietly pull people in with money,shows you a bunch of different ways to reveal the selected card,discusses the psychology of the effect, gives you many different choices for how to perform Pulp Fiction,2 bonus effects,and learn a few new sleights from the best magician ever, why not????

    Trust me, Pulp Fiction will NEVER fail to blow people's minds! You will love the eased of the effect,and the fun presentation!
    If you were to buy one trick this year,buy this.
    Please,for your own good,stop reading this review and ADD TO CART!
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    Performing this a lot, lately! Report this review
    Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 26th, 2014
    (This review is for Pulp Fiction by Jay Sankey - DVD)
    I bought Pulp Fiction a few years back and sort of tossed it in the drawer. It just didn't seem worth it to me to carry around a full, extra deck for one effect.

    But recently, I've been pulling out old props and actually trying them. And I can honestly say that Pulp Fiction gets GREAT reactions. My favorite thing about it is that it's very different; spectator's (and magicians, for that matter) generally haven't seen anything quite like it, so it resonates.

    It's taking a known object with a strange modification and using it to perform brilliant magic. It's the kind of thing people remember for a very long time.
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