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Transformer Card (Red Card and DVD) by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD

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The crazy card that turns itself inside out and upside down.

J B Magic are proud to present the transformer card by Dan Burgess. This is the crazy card that no only turns itself inside out and back to front but also at the same time changes from one card into another.

A prediction card inside an envelope is placed on the table. A card is selected from a deck, let's assume it's the king of spades. The prediction card is removed from inside the envelope, it's the 10 of hearts. It does not match the selection. The magician now starts to fold the card not once, twice or even three times but six times. This visually twists the card inside out. The card still has a full bicycle back yet the face is now a totally different card, its now the king of spades, it matches the selected card.

Without any switch the same transformer card now gets even stranger as the card really turns inside out. The face of the king is now back to front. Next the 10 of hearts reappears upside down. The spectator can even fold the card. It really is inside out and upside down. Finally with no moves of any kind the transformer card corrects itself, so it once again matches the selected card.

You will love this, it's easy to do but really hard to put down. The transformer card is hand made from bicycle playing cards, it come complete with a step by step instructional DVD. The DVD features 3 routines.

DVD includes

  • Transformer card
  • It's always the ?
  • Inside out.
  • Extra handling tips and ideas.
Running Time Approximately: 1hr 36min

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Nothing magical Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 4th, 2011
This trick isn't magical at all, it is just a mechanical gimmick. You don't show your spectators a trick, you show them hust a card that can be folded...
No idea why Mark brought this out.

1 star because it does what is shown in the trailer (which isn't something you want to do).
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Nice Gimmick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 5th, 2010
This is a great gimmick for a gag trick. It is well made and fascinating to play around with. I thought the presentation and tricks on the DVD were very lackluster and boring, the only bit I liked was when it was in the position with just half the 10 clubs showing and he says “so was it the 5 clubs?”. Here are a few pointers on how to get more mileage out of it.
• Bring in the theme of Origami. Pretend that you are a 5th dan, black bracers magical origarmi master.
• My gimmick card was the 10 clubs and Jack diamonds, so force the jack of clubs then near the end of the trick when it is clear that the two cards on the gimmick are not the chosen one fold it to show a card with half of the ten and the other half with the jack. Saying as a gag look I did find the jack of clubs!
• Force the jack of clubs and control it to the bottom. At the end of the routine when you cannot find the chosen card wrist kill the deck and place the gimmick face up (make sure it is in the position with a real bicycle back) on the bottom (on top of jack of clubs). Say something about in that case you will just have to fold the card onto the deck and then double lift both and place them face down on top of the deck. Slide off the top card (which is face down) and ask the spec to check out the card. Whilst he is busy doing this you can ditch the gimmick and end clean.
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